SOLD/EXPIRED Wildlife Technologies MA21 F/S with 57 sounds

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    Feb 4, 2006
    Like new and hardly used. 57 sounds mostly predator. Unequaled sound quality. All live animal sounds from the Wildlife Technologies library.

    Mouse vole
    Barred Hare AD
    Cottontail AD
    Cottontail YD
    Cottontail BD
    Jack Rabbit YD
    Snowshoe Hare D
    Bobcat A Call
    Bobcat F in heat calls
    Bobcat Y call
    Cat B D
    Gray Squirrel D
    Groundhog BD
    Striped Skunk AD
    Raccoon AD
    Raccoon A & B Fighting
    Raccoon B calling
    Red Fox B D
    Red Fox AD
    Red Fox Y Fighting
    Red squirrel D
    Whitetail fawn bleats
    Pilieated Woodpecker D
    Redtail hawk screams
    Blue Jay D
    Ravens Fighting
    Crow D HP
    Crow & Great Horned Owl
    Crows Mobbing
    Crow B Distress
    Coyote A F Communicative
    Coyote Y F Howls
    Coyote Y F Territorial Call
    Coyote A F Mating Howls
    Coyote A M Communicative
    Coyote Y Single Howls
    Coyote A Beta M Challenge
    Coyote A M Territorial
    Coyote A M Aggressive
    Coyote Y M Aggressive
    Coyote A Submissive
    Coyote A D
    Coyote Pup Submissive
    Coyote Pup D 3
    Coyote Pup D 10
    Coyote Y Group Howl
    Coyote Pups 5
    Coyote Pups Howling
    Coyotes Adults Fighting
    Coyote Hunting Whines
    Coyote AM Rally Group Howl
    Great Horned Owl Call
    Barred Owl Call
    Snow Geese Flying
    Snow Geese in Water.

    $450 shipped to your door.

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    Feb 4, 2006
    This item is S O L D.