Wildcat cartridges


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Aug 2, 2006
hey guys i have a weatherby mark V in 300 win mag and want to build some sort of wildcat off of it but i cant decide what. ill be using it for long range hunting from antelope to moose and target shooting. im leaning towards an allen mag but was thinking something wild and crazy anybody got any wild ideas?
Since you have a Mk 5 action you can easily open the bolt face and jump past the ultramag case stuff and get up to the big boy cartridges. If you are looking for the best rifle for everything in north america that is where I would go for sure. I have been shooting 338-378 wildcats since the late 70's and I still haven't found anything that can really beat it unless you go up to a chey-tac case that you can't do on your action. A blown out improved 338-416 gives you a little powder advantage and the improved 338-378 wby can do the same but only a slight velocity increase of maybe 50 fps. The improved 338 Lapua is also a good choice that will get up near the same velocity. The big plus with it is you can seat up near the lands and still work cartridges through your magazine since it is a bit shorter (big plus and a good round). 338 is the best all around big game caliber for knocking stuff naked and these are the best you can do on your action.
LTLR what kinda of velocity or you getting with say the 250grMK and 300gr MK? thanks for the your in put. and were are you located if you dont mind me asking.
Since you mentioned target shooting you can hardly wear out a 338 barrel. The high performance 7mm barrels wear pretty fast. 30's are a bit better. I have 338's built in the 70's I can't wear out. I have the good fortune of having numerous wildcat cartridges in every caliber and love shooting all of them. But for a guy that saves up for one rifle they must depend on I recomend a 338 for many reasons. It is the best killer and you can hardly wear it out. All shots are not perfect in hunting situations. The 338 can still put it down so you will get your animal, smaller calibers may not. I have shot elk at well beyond a thousand yards with the 270 wby and 7mm-300 wby but they were not the best choice. Now if I am serious I shoot a big 338 from the 338 ultramag to a 338-378 wby. Doesn't really matter which one unless I am shooting beyond a thousand.
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