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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
I am 1000 miles away from home and I left my manual at home. I want to calibrate my unit and am hoping that that someone can scan or post the calibration procedures or at the very least tell me which knob on the left end does what etc.. I cannot read swedish.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


You have a "halfing" knob and a "meter" knob on the left (at least mine does) for adjustments.

To calibrate, you need the plotter board that comes with the unit or a known measured distance, of say 1000 meters and then you can adjust the meter knob to that distance.

Since you don't have FULL instructions on how to do this, just take an hour or so and range an object. Use your drop chart you have on your rifle, fire a round to what you ranged. See if it matches up close to the reading in the rangefinder. As long as you are using "YOUR" rifle, it doesen't matter what the rangefinder says as long as you know it matches up to your drop chart.

In other words, lets say it takes 100-- 1/4 min clicks for your rifle to shoot at 1000 actual measured meters but, your rangefinder says it is 700 meters. It will still take 100 clicks to get to the actual 1000 meters even though you rangefinder says it is 700 .
You simply match the rifle drop chart to the rangefinder when having a problem. You will have to do this (fire a shot) at every 100 meters to be sure. Instead of your drop chart saying it takes 100 clicks at 1000 meters it will be rewritten to say it takes 100 clicks at 700 meters that your rangefinder says it is. This will work if you have time and some extra ammo to make up a new chart.

The best way is to have a "KNOWN" distance (say 1000 meters) and set your ranging knob (roller and chart in the viewfinder) to that measured distance. Now take the meter adjustment on the left and turn it until the two halving points of the "right side up and upside down" image in the view finder touch each other exactly, your now on.
I calibrate off the target frames at Williamsport using this method.

I once had a Zeiss rangefinder that someone had messed with and it was off 300 meters on every reading and distance. I simply made up a drop chart of "actual fire" using the yardages/meters the rangefinder said it was. Really not a problem. When the rifle was shooting 1000 meters it was being ranged as 700. When the range was acually 600 meters the rangefinder said 300. The rifle never knew the difference but, I did. 1000 meters/yards is 1000 meters/yards regardless of what the rangefinder says as long as the rangefinder is reading consistantly and you matched up the drop chart to it. My new drop chart matched the rangefinder and I simply blocked out the 300 meter difference.

In an emergency, either way will work for you.

I would say your Wild is not off by very much anyway.

Darryl Cassel

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It will be the last thing you see.

How do you know it is out of cal?

And look at the moon, with the unit set on infinity...

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