Why won't my Knight Wolverine shoot?


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Nov 26, 2009
Load tried was Triple 7 granulated, 100grns measured by volume, Hornady 240grn .45 caliber XTP bullets with black sabots, Fiochi 209 primers. Spit patched between shots, best I could get it to do was minute of pie plate at 100 yards! Something is wrong, me, the bullet, powder, primer...SOMETHING. Thought it might be the scope but it checked out on a hard kicking 30-06. I've not tried a scope in the past, always used irons-this lack of accuracy has been a disapointment at the least.
Just went thru the same thing with a TC Triumph. Learned that there is a very large variation of bore diameters. Just had never run into gun this finicky.

After about $200 of bullets and powder went to this site below and did some reading that made sense.

Randy Wakeman on Inline Muzzleloading

Randy Wakeman has done a lot of testing and has listed the bullet, sabot combos that seem to work with each line of guns. Guess what, he is on the money.

Also go to MMP sabot site and read on their sabots and which size works for what.

I ordered some MMP sabots and Hornady XTP .451 pistol bullets and end of the problem. 100 gr 777 (loose) and shoots great.

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Thank for the advice. You know, as bad as mine is shooting, I begin to wonder if all the money it'll take to do R'n'D on a good load will be worth the trouble and expense! Everyone else around here goes out and buys an el-cheapo CVA from Wal-Mart, day before season shoot it a few times and then go hunting with a rifle that shoots under three inches with no load developement. Ain't fair!

As Bounty Hunter stated, as shelf full of different bullets and powders to provide you with about 100+ combination should get you there along with 3 days a week for maybe 2 months to REALLY get you satisfied for your rifle as every rifle shoots a little different.

I have 2 of those CVA's. One of the older (safe) ones (as some were not) with a 21" barrel. 2 pellets and a 250 Barnes <1"at 100 all day long at 1700fps. The other load is 100 grains of real black powder and a 260 .45 cal Speer hot-core w/Harvester sabot 1560fps and under 1" at a 100 yards too.

My other CVA a newer Kodiak-Pro 28" barrel really likes the 250 grain PTX with 2 pellets for 2000fps and under 1" at a 100yrds.

Probably the most important piece of info I can give you is to seat the bullet to the powder CONSTANTLY with the same pressure as I've found this to be a very important factor.

Also I use the Clean Shot round pellets that are no longer made due to Hodgon suing Clean-Shot hence American Pioneer Powder now, for patent infringement on the round design. That's why the tapered stick design (shhessh).Must have had a really lousy lawyer. I bought up all the guy had a gun show, 6#'s for $10 a pound.

The Triple Seven always gave me a powder ring after 2 firings that was a bitch to push thru and that is why they developed the muzzleloading primers. I didn't get the consistency needed either for good groups.

The primer I use are the new Winchester Muzzleloader 209's.

By the way the Burris 4.5x14 I bought for my sons 25-06 found it way on my muzzleloader (Kodiak) and the Ballistic Plex marks work out to within 2" of aim/impact out to 225 yards.

You'll probably find that the Barnes MZ bullets will shoot very well to eliminate a lot of bullet searching, I don't like 300's unless I'm going for elk, but they do shoot. They are a buck apiece.

Good luck and enjoy a load work up. Remember CONSISTENT seating pressure.

Here is why the $159 CVA's shoot. They hired Ed Shilen from the USA
Bergara Barrels
I intend on trying Barnes TSX? bullets and Blackhorn 209 powder if I can ever get my mitts on a couple canisters...Tony Smotherman recommended I give this combo a try.
Back when I fooled with a Woverine or two for different people I found that they liked 90 grs Pyrodex P powder best of all and the CVA power belt 295 HP.
If you clean the barrel with soap and water only, you may want to try some Bore Scrubber just to make sure there is no plastic fouling from the sabots. Try 3-4 shots at the most then scrub it out and shoot 3-4 and so on. My old Knight BK92 needed this to shoot well, actually it was 1-2 shot then scrub.
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