Why so many Trigger Tech triggers for sale?

I got the Specials, but like a 1lbs trigger. The Specials say 1lbs, but the Diamond versions felt crisper at that setting without the adjust screw dangling out the bottom to get there. :) The Specials are great at 1.5lbs and up.

I have 4 Diamonds now. 3 Bolt, 1 AR. Such a lovely and easy to adjust trigger!

I think some try out the flat vs curved trigger also.
It seems to me that I see a lot of Trigger Tech triggers for sale on this forum and other forums. Is there something about them that people don't like?

They are great and are quickly becoming the gold standard for triggers, definitely nothing wrong with them. What you are seeing could be two things, one, people are selling the primary or special to upgrade to the diamond or two, people bought them for a deep discount during a big sale and are trying to sell them for a profit.
i think they are popular and due to the price being one of the lowest $$ component ls people pick them up on sale for builds. Then they don’t get finished or are taking a while to finish and the triggers are super easy to sell and ship out for quick cash for another build idea or to buy something else.

Who knows, but I’ve done that twice lol.

Want a scope upgrade? Hmm what am I not using… Look through the cabinets and find a new trigger I haven’t used yet, “that’s easy to sell! I’ll just get another later”
Could it be because people are pulling the stock Primary triggers to buy the Specials or Diamonds? I really like the Diamonds and have no complaints about any of the other TT’s that I have used in the past.
This is my thought as well. A lot of factory rifles are coming with the TT Primary, and a lot of guys are upgrading to a better model.

I have 6 of the TT Diamonds now. Amazing triggers. All set between 5-6 oz.
I have 4 BixN Andy Tac Sport Pro too. Set 4-5oz.

These two triggers have replaced most of my others. I have 3 Timney Calvin Elite left, all set at their minimum 8oz.
LOTS in the wild - I will say this, we have NEVER had one single come back with them. (The same cannot be said for the competition.)

A couple years back they had a minor setback with the Diamond line that resulted in a recall, however - they were very transparent and took care of any/all issues (we truly never had one.)

Honesty and transparency goes a long way in my book, these guys are good to go.
The other reason so many are for sale is a lot of guys have taken to putting the factory trigger back on guns they are selling. Just like scopes and other accessories, you rarely get more money for it being on the gun, except in very rare circumstances. Far better off to sell the extras separately. Other issue, for a lot of regular shooters a 1-2 LB trigger is not safe, let alone one that is 3 or 4 ounces.
Why is a 1-2 lbs trigger unsafe? I set my Diamonds at 10 Oz and see know safety issue.
For very experienced shooters they aren't unsafe. I have guns with 1 ounce triggers. However, for the average big game hunter/weekend warrior there is a real good reason most factory triggers are set a 5 or more pounds. It isn't the trigger that is inherently unsafe, as usual it is the user of the equipment that is the problem.