Why Reload .338 Lapua?

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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
Voodoo WAS a member here for a few days over 6 years ago and made that one and only post. But he is still trolling! LOL
I am really a "Time Traveler" and put my post in six years ago and it just showed yesterday.
So much for reading the DATE of the original POST. I just click on "What's new" when I check into this site.
It came up as a new post from #24, but I never looked at the start date. Looks like pie in my face. Will pay attention to the Post "start date" from now on. Well it was interesting, at least for me, putting my 2 cents in.
Gave us something to think about.
Maybe we should have a Post on how to read Posts. Naw!
Thanks for bring this to my and everyone's else's attention...