Why not a faster twist in the 270 Winchester


Dec 6, 2020
Bobby -
I saw this post of yours where you mention re barrelling your 700 mountain rifle from 30-06 to 270. I have a gen one 700 mountain rifle in 270 that I've thought about re barrelling to 30-06. If you still have that barrel, and it's still serviceable, and you're open to selling it, I might be interested.
Hey Saltine,

I wasn’t planning on selling it at this time, but I appreciate the offer. It is stainless and there is a wrinkle in the rifling about 4” from the muzzle and the chamber is not concentric with the bore as can be seen looking at the proud crescent shape in on one side of the chamber.

The wrinkle is traverse the rifling in a full circle. Best I can guess is the hammer forging machine stopped then started right there. A patch fits tight through that area when cleaning. I wouldn’t have had it replaced had the wrinkle not been there.