Why no 7mms?


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Jun 23, 2001
SK. Canada
Why is the .284 chambering not that popular for long range shooting? I can see that a 7mm bullet will not have as much energy as a .30 cal projectile for hunting at extreme ranges but for the paper punchers this would not really matter.

I used to think maybe good bullet selection was a problem but with the likes of Berger, JLK, Cauteruccio, etc. this should not be an issue.

Is the problem the lack of consistent high quality brass? Remington brass is okay once you spend time prepping and culling but it is no Lapua. The Norma brass I have used is consistent but a little softer than Lapua. So why then is a 7mm/.300 Weatherby not showing up more in the winner's circle at competitions? What works for the .300 Ackley, .308 Baer, etc. that does not work in a 7mm variant?

Is barrel life the deciding factor in this equation?

Whew! Glad I got all this off my chest so I can sleep at night.


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May 13, 2003
For target shooting there are more match bullets in 6.5 mm.

For hunting perhaps the greatest long range hunter of them all shot the 7 mm Mashburn Super. So did Warren Page.

Read "Game Loads and Ballistics for the American Hunter" by Bob Hagel. Lots of common sense in that book unlike what you read on this forum.

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