Why does annealing work?

New Shooter,

I'm a bit newer than some around here to the whole ultrasonic cleaning process, but from what I've seen thus far, it seems to do a better job of "cleaning" than tumbling does, but it doesn't tend to polish was well. You want nice clean interiors on your cases, along with spiffy clean primer pockets, run them through an ultrasonic cleaner. You want nice, shiny exteriors, dump 'em in the tumbler.

Might be worth taking a peek at some of the advice specific to the ultrasonic methods rather than taking my word here, since as I said, I'm just now starting to play with it. Hope it helps,

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
Yes your right i have put them in the tumbler but i was hoping i could stop form doing that. That is y i got the ultrasoic cleaner so i would not have to deal with the media.
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