Why a Premium bullet?


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Jul 25, 2001
This was posted on another site by a very established proffesional guide. and if this is not the truth,I don't know what is!


None of the expensive gear you bought for this trip is of any use at this moment. The effort of preparation is meaningless now. The weeks of planning and anticipation, the stress with your job and family over your lack of attention is behind you. Everything you have done to get to the point of pulling that trigger seems like slow motion as you watch the next split second to see what the results will be. Do you really trust the bullet which is the one single thing that ties the success of the entire event and all the preparation and planning with your anticipation. It has just left the barrel of your rifle at 3000 feet per second and has a retail value of about 25cents. Was this a prudent choice? Think now, you have at least many thousands of dollars involved in this trip including the gear. Yet your only link to the success of bringing the whole trip together is that little piece of copper and lead streaking through the air towards the trophy you have been dreaming of for a year, or maybe a lifetime! Isn’t that bullet worth more then a few pennies? I have heard countless times that premium bullets are too expensive and plain old bullets have been working for years. Well to that I say hand carved wooden arrows were used successfully for far longer then bullets but you choose to use a rifle! There is only one thing that connects the hunter to the trophy, it’s not the $1000.00 binoculars, or the $1000.00 rifle, or the $20,000 camper, or the $40,000 4X4 diesel pickup truck or the goretex outerwear and boots, the rangefinder, and video camera, nope it’s just that little piece of lead and copper you just send away at 3000 fps!

To me they are!

From Experience once again!!!