Who use or shoot Lost River Bullets

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by DANTEC, Aug 28, 2002.

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    DANTEC Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2002
    I don't loose temper but

    after several mails to LRB = ANY answer

    after a topics on LRB in 300 WIN MAG = any real ANSWER ( sorry mister NIGHTHAWCK )

    MY aim is easy to understand I plan to use these bullets and use the 408 Cheyenne BUT technical informations are more than unclear ( drawing chamber n case dimension , reload dies ... )and fit a barrel in 408 Cheyenne on one of my 50 cal action to start trials quickly ( perhaps more quickly than an answer from LRB )

    I plan to make a trial in 30 cal on 300 WIN MAG perhaps more easy to drive and less costly and I get any informations on one of the most popular cartridge ?

    SO the question is who use LRB as target bullets ( not make a 3 shots group with LRB factory load at more than 60$ / 20 ) but real informations on results as group size , load , barrel informations and that in any caliber from serious shooters because I think that any body seem to shoot 30 cal bulet from LRB in this forum or I make a mistake ?

    Good shooting and Enjoy enginering

  2. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2002
    DANTEC, I don't have the answers myself, but your questions regarding the .408 e-mail Willi (one of the designers of the round) at...

    For the rest you should brobably ask Warren.
  3. Boyd Heaton

    Boyd Heaton Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2001
    I was gonna try them in my 300 Ultra.But I'm not gonna spend that much money to try them.

    DANTEC Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2002
    dear Nighthawk

    my post on your subject is just

    you say you make one hole group with 220 gr LRB in your 30.378

    I say PERHAPS BUT :

    what load
    what lenght of cartridge
    what velocity you get
    what barrel life ( number od round before to do the trial )
    your group is :
    what range
    how many round
    how many group s you have done
    what is the baddest what is the best one ( in inch or millemeter )because with buck shot and 2000 cartridges I make a one hole group ( 20 inch ) without any problem .

    An answer to promote long range for shooters need to share real informations and serious informations as I say previous story as the neighbor of my father who have meet the guy of the brother in law of the shooter is NOT INTERESTING because only real trials with real results can be use by other .

    I just want to save money in testing and trials and need informations to


    MAKE TRIALS on long range with 30 cal LRB

    IF I NEED to reingeening all the technical informations best way in perhaps to make my own bullet and name them DAN TEC BALISTIC , same for the 408 except ( perhaps the price and not sure ) neck down good brass in 505 to 408 is not a amazing difficult work and I can the caliber 408 DAN TEC NO ANSWER

    As customer and even if I am a professional in weapon engineering I think that not necessery to send emailsssssssssss to all the email adress of a company to hoppes to get an answer .

    BE SERIOUS first and stay cool after .

    good shooting and enjoy real engineering