Who is from Wisconsin!


Jan 10, 2017
Madison WI
Aye from Wisco with a nice place to shoot long?

The only 200 yard range I know of is in Iron cty off HWY 51, other than that I used to have a farmer friend that would let me use his fields to get out to 500.
I have heard rumblings that someone around Dane Cty has a 1000 yard range.


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Jan 29, 2017
Madison, Wi
This thread started nearly 6 years ago.

We had 11,000 members then. Now we have 74,000.

And -- now we have a physical store in Wisconsin. gun)

Oshkosh store

Always call first before you come from very far away in case we are out in the field. 920-376-2010 (Andy)

My son Andy thinks it's pretty neat that we can be excused from certain things to get outdoors!

Time to resurrect this thread again!!

I currently live in Mcfarland just outside the bubble of Madtown. Been a member up at Lodi for years now, 1200yrd paper/steel 500m silhouette, 200yd plinking range and multiple pistol/ small bore ranges. I have been ALL over Wi hunting, fishing, sledding. such a great state to live in well except the two sore spots (both names starting with "M")!!! Its great to see so many members from here hope to meet you guys sometime!!!

Teri Anne

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May 24, 2021
I currently live in Cottage Grove which is about 8 miles East of Madison (Locally called Mad City for a reason) During the time period when I was in the Army I hunted in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Kansas and Minnesota. Here in Wisconsin have hunted Deer in Marinette County, Washington County, Ozaukee County, Brown County, Oconto County, Dodge County, Sauk County, Columbia County and currently in Iowa county on a friend's 250 acre farm for about the past 25 years. Picture is from Wednesday midweek before Thanksgiving. Tikka T3X 270 with Sig Sauer Elite 140 gr took this one at just short of 200 yards. By the way, I totally agree with Spook and Len about Madison. The entire state should succeed from Dane County and the State Capital leaving it to the wackos contained therein to deal with their own foolishness. :(


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