Who is annealing in sand?


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Jan 1, 2011
San Antonio, TX
I hadn't considered the stainless medium, haven't checked on available sizes, but it sounds like a good idea, going back to Mikecr's concerns about heat transfer from the medium to the case, stainless should be better than sand. It's been a while since I started this thread. I annealed several 308win cases, but I haven't been able to get any varget to try loading up and doing some testing.
To be honest I dont have the time to do a rigorous study like I think we could all benefit from...turns out where I'm at I'm no longer a lowly construction worker, now I'm essential haha.


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Mar 11, 2020
Sorry guffy, not sure what you are talking about.
Forgive, I made an case anneal-er at least 18 years ago, it was and still is nothing fancy, I made the tool based on rules. I put it out there and was told it would not work, no one could tell me why it would not work and then went off talking in lofty terms. I though applying rules to a tool would answer all of the questions; that does not apply to reloading.

F. Guffey

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