Who has used both AutoTrickler V4 and Supertrickler?


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May 30, 2020
Just wanting first hand info from the forum. I have had my V4 for about a year and am thinking about ordering the Super (I like not having to use the app) and trying to sell the V4 here. But, I could also invest in the Primal Rights primer and keep the V4.
I have heard from someone that uses both on a weekly basis that they prefer the supertrickler over the V4 for large grain powders, however the difference is minimal. Longterm product support is a question for both. Anything that depends on an app to function can be an issue if app development stops and you have to keep an old phone just to use the device. The supertrickler is a self contained system that should only be subject to an internal part failure. I am leaning towards the supertrickler as a self contained product just because app doesn't seem to provide additional function to offset the risk.
I'd keep the V4 and get the CPS instead of trading essentially same for same. If this was Prometheus vs either maybe a different answer, but unless you already have a top-end priming system getting a CPS is an easy decision. An iPad isn't the most expensive thing in the world if for some reason Adam gives up on maintaining his app.

I have bilateral carpal tunnel and other hand issues (from using impact tools at work and a lifetime of riding bikes, not JUST from a keyboard 😤) and the CPS was a life saver in terms of keep my shooting volume up. Greg even sells a special cripple handle for guys like me that can't grab the ball end of the standard handle. I'll support the CPS to the ends of the earth for that reason alone. Great tool from a great guy, it delivers.

If you aren't like me then the 21st Century and FA priming tools seem to have some positive attributes to consider. I'm not so damaged that I don't see the benefits of other click-type HAND priming tools, but the CPS is a great piece of equipment.
Two different folks have indicated the CPS seemed to reduced velocity spread. One person went back and forth on the same loaded just to verify the apparent improvement. I say apparent because the mind always finds a way to justify a purchase. I have only loaded for one rifle since getting mine and I haven't used any other primer seating method for comparison on that load. It is very nice and I would buy it again. Still figuring out exactly how to set it up.
I have both the ST4 and Supper Tickler. I load both for Long Guns and for Hand guns. Numerous different calibers. I've had the Supper Trickler now 4 months and have not use the ST4 at all. However, i wish I kept ST3 instead of upgrading to the ST4. My two cents.