Who has the longest eye-relief?


I have found the Leupold easiest to look through at an extended eye position. The FOV I found to be pretty generous at even up to 7 or 8 inches which is about where the scope sets when shooting my Savage Striker. That's what I'll be getting. I recommend going to a shop and checking various brands out at the distance you'll likely need it to work at, I did this and found the Pentax horrible and the Burris not much better, the Leopold was great.

The Pentax was funky looking around the edges and hard to center up if the FOV was narrowed by moving the eye farther back. The Leopold just gets darker around the edges and FOV starts closing down smaller, seemed to be much easier to stay on target with it over the others.
Your experience seems to go with what I have read so far. What rifle scope are you using on your Striker? Chambered in?
This scope will go one of two Specialty Handguns. First one is a center-grip XP-100 in 6.5-284 and the other one is an MOA Maximum (rear grip) with a 260 Remington and 22-250 AI barrels. I am borrowing an old B&L 6-24 that I am going to try on the MOA. I don't have my 6.5-284 here yet, maybe in the next month.

I'm using a Burris 2-7 on it right now. It's chambered in 308win, but that will change soon, it's not flat shootin enough for me in a 14 barrel. I'm going to have it rechambered to 30/338 Lapua Imp after I get the reamer here shortly for the other rifle I'm having done. I was going to do it in 30/416 Rigby Imp because Graff's had dies for 60 bucks and my smith already has the reamer too, but this way will save me the price of the dies and have a tight neck, use the same brass etc, etc. It will be a fun gun, but not for the kids to shoot I suspect.
This one will probably get done in a month or two, maybe sooner.

I have no idea what velocities I'll get out of the thing, but it'll be fun burnin the powder! Some sabboted .224 55gr V-Max's or 75gr A-Max's would be fun too!
I use a 12x leupold and a 24x leupold on my pistols I like the straight powers but I would use a 8.5x25x50 LRT the extra weight would help recoil are you putting a brake on the 6.5-284? The target knobs are a must in my stile of hunting.
Crow Mag
crow mag,
What kind of specialty handgun are you using and what is it chambered in? Center-grip or rear grip? I am putting a Vais brake on the 6.5-284 with the option of taking it off if wanted. This 6.5-284 XP-100 is basically being set-up for long range accuracy (also some dog shooting and stand hunting big game). I'm not about to lug this one around in the mountains.
Interesting. How much distance is "a bit?"
Have you ever used any of these rifle scope on a specialty handgun?
Hey XP, I've done some research with Swaro, Leu. and Burris and on high power they all have same eye relief, 3.7" Although when looking through my buddies LRT 8.5-25 on 25x, it seemed I had to inch-up a bit more than with my Burris Sig. on 24x. J
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