Which would you buy????


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Jul 26, 2009
I am getting serious about getting a 6-25X50 mm Vortex Viper PST FFP scopes with the EBR-1 reticule.

I would like Kenton Industries to make me new turrets in yardage for the scope. Should I get the reticule in MOA or Mils or doesn't it make a difference?

I don't think one's better than the other. For me it's really a matter of ones preference. I prefer moa.
It's mostly personal preference. I like the simple decimal format of mil data, it's easier to make drop charts with, easier to memorize your dope, and generally like the reticles better, etc, but that's personal preference.

The biggest real difference is the click value. If you do a lot of varmint shooting or BR and want smaller clicks, .25 MOA might be better for you. For big game vital zone sized targets I feel .1 mil (.344 MOA) is fine enough. The biggest real difference this makes is how far one turn of the turret gets you. The MOA turrets have 12 MOA per turn, the Mil turrets have 5 Mils which is over 17 MOA. So you'll get a couple hundred more yards on the first turn with the Mil dial than you will with the MOA; for example with a typical 300 RUM 210 VLD load you'll be able to get 900 yds on the first turn of the BDC vs. 700 yds with the MOA version.
Jon A, I checked out your rifle pics. That's a very handsome looking rig. The swirly color combo on the stock looks great as do your drop charts on it. Looks to me to be a **** good bedding job also. Question: I notice a piece of what looks like black tape about 6" from the muzzle-what is it for? Also how'd you make those drop charts and how are they attached?
Jon A, And as you probably know, IOR 11 mil turn., USO EREK elev, and Night force new 10 mil per turn, in may they say. Also I wonder what per turn on new 6.5-25x50 leupy tactical w/ locking detent on elev. adjustment, FFP SWEET LOOKING SCOPE:D:D ONE of um is on my wish list
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