Which Twist to get


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Jan 20, 2007
I am about to order two Shilen Select Match Barrels for builds that I have upcoming. The first is a .338 to build a .338 Ultra Mag on and I am thinking of a 1 in 8 twist. The other is a .308 to build a .300 Ultra Mag on and I am considering a 1 in 10 Twist. I would like to shoot up to 300 grainers out of the .338 and up to 220's out of the .300. Am I on the right track with my thinking about the right twist here? I would appreciate any input you may be able to offer. I have a little cash laying around right now and thought I would start assembling some parts for future builds. Going to pick up these two barrels and two 700 Actions for some sporter weight rifles to take to Alaska and Africa in the next couple of years. Thanks for your help.
the 1-10 will stabilize the 300gr SMK out of a 338 Winchester so the 338 Ultra would be trouble , I think that only a 1-9 is needed to shoot Richard Graves big 350gr Wildcats.

for the 30 cal barrel , the 1-10 will stabilize the 220 gr SMK out of a regular 308 winchester and I've heard of guys shooting 240gr SMK's out of 1-10 300 Ultra mags with good success , so yes the 1-10 will work fine for you in the 30 cal's

one question though , why Shilen??

I have built some rifles in the past on Shilens and had great results. Do you have a suggestion that would better for the same price??? So you think they both should be in a 1 in 10 twist???
I have used Shilen barrels for a couple builds and though the guns shot well I found that they don't last nearly as long , they are softer than alot of other barrels that I have cut on for sure. I like mike Rocks barrels but have heard some things about his delievery times altely , also Kreiger , Hart and Lilja all make awsome barrels , Supposedly Lawton makes a good one but I haven't talked to anybody thats used one , a couple folks whos oppinion I value alot prefer Broughton barrels.
My next two guns will be built with Bartlein barrels as they are cut rifled , available with the 5R rifleing opption and the guys that make them worked for Kreiger and carry the same customer values.
I have a 3 groove Lilja on my 260 and it shoots awsome , their was no differance in fouling from when I shot the first round to the last here lately , meaning none. I clean it after every 15-20 shots just because , I have never shot it till the accuracy fell of but with the amout of fouling after shooting 20 shots I'd say i could probably get 40 rounds through it without cleaning and keep the accuracy.

As for the rate of twist the 1-10 for both should be fine.
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