Which turkey gun?


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Jan 29, 2021
I would not consider myself an expert turkey hunter. But I was fortunate enough to have tried many different shotguns and I settled on a Mossberg pump because the price was right and it was camouflaged it had a red dot and I needed one for that spring turkey season. I am not what you would call recoil sensitive but the first time I pulled the trigger on a 3 1/2 inch mag shell it knocked my glasses off. Later, I got to try a semi auto called the Remington versa max. This was a game changer to me very soft shooting and patterned great. While searching I found one on LRH and the price was right and it is a real pleasant gun to shoot. I still don’t shoot 3 1/2 inch mags as I just don’t think they’re needed for the 50-60 yards I shoot. My wife and I also use Winchester Longbeard. She routinely takes turkeys at 40 yards or so with her 20 gauge… Makes me wonder why I have to have a 12 gauge for turkey hunting… Other than just being a Tim the tool man Taylor type of guy.

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May 24, 2021
My only caution against TSS besides being over $10-$15 a round is availability.
I went into my local BP and Cabela's 3-4x a week prior to turkey season and looked on line daily and had great difficulty finding lead Winchester Long beard XR Turkey shells and TSS and when I did find TSS in stock it was WELL over $13 a round.

Neither my local Cabela's or BP had any 20ga TSS in stock until a few weeks prior to the opening of turkey season and only 12ga TSS for $13-$15 a round.

Based on my LIMITED experience with TSS and what I have read here and at the two most popular dedicated turkey hunting websites TSS is often picky as to what choke it will perform well with and often doesn't pattern well with the same tight chokes used for lead turkey shells most guys already have or come with new turkey specific guns, so patterning your gun to get optimal performance from TSS shells could be vary costly and if you need to buy an AM TSS compatible choke it can get down right painfully expensive.
And if you're going to limit your shots to 45 yards or under there is no need to use TSS as lead will do fine at 45 and under.

I would respectfully suggest you do some lengthy research of TSS turkey shell before you invest any $$$ in them or TSS compatible chokes. Another issue related to TSS cost is they are so expensive it can become for some hunters cost prohibitive to stock pile multiple seasons worth of shells and with the current ammo shortages especially with season specific limited run turkey shells like TSS and WLBXR's, you could find yourself two weeks away from your hunt and either have only a few TSS shells or none at all.

I literally have stockpiled 10 turkey seasons worth of Winchester Long beard shells for my sons and I and thank God I did as they never were for sale OTC near me and only available on line and if you weren't among the first to find them you didn't get any. Shockingly enough the best source for reasonably priced WLBXR shells was of all places Gunbroker.

Just some things to think about before you go all in on TSS.
For the past 10 years I have been using Federal Black Cloud #4 steel and it has proven itself out to 60+ yards with one shot kills with the right choke tube. I still have and still use the remaining 12 rounds out of the original box I purchased at Gander Mountain for if I remember correctly around $27.00. Just as deadly now as they were when they were new.


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Jan 9, 2016
I have both 12 (3.5”) and a 20 gauge. Doesn’t matter Which one I use, I use TSS. The 20 is enough for anywhere in this country to kill a bird at 55-60 yds depending on your gun and choke. I use a 20 ga Stoeger M3020 with a 28” barrel and extended Turkey choke. I have killed at a laser 57 yds and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I got short video clip of that kill I can send you. OP is interested just pm your cell. Here’s some heads of a good morning with a couple buddies all using my 20 ga with 3” #9 TSS. All were between 35 & 50 yds.


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Dec 14, 2021
I have used the Browning BPS, Turkey - Deer combo for years. Winchester 3" Supreme sabots for deer in extended rifled choke.
I like Remington Deplex 2X6's
Target is 100yds, as fast as I could cycle the action.
The pattern is 50yds, Remington Duplex 2X6


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Jun 24, 2021
Buy your TSS a year in advance, if you watch you can get better pricing by buying volume.
I've used it in everything from a 410 to a 12 guage. It's the reason I usually hunt with a 20 gauge now. As far as chokes Carlson has always been very predictable. I'm trying a Sumtoy with a 16 gauge next year. Main thing is know your gun well in advance to hunting season.

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