Which to buy? black diamond 8x32x50 or tactical elite 6500 4.5x30x50?

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  1. Bouieboy

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    Feb 27, 2011
    I'm looking to buy new or used black diamond 8x32x50 or the tactical elite 6500 4.5x30x50. It'll go on a custom 300WSM with a 26" krieger barrel. It'll be for hunting and target. I've studied both a little (online), but can't make a decision. Can someone give there opinion on Which is the better choice? Is there an equal scope for the same or less money?

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  2. Iron Worker

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    Apr 3, 2004
    I've had both scopes. I got rid of them both,BLACK Diamond and the Elite 6500 both were fuzzy in the middle exactly enough to kick my self for buying them. I've also had a VX-111 8.5x25x50 it was better then both but not by much. I have a Sightron S3 8x32x56mm its glass is better IMO then all 3. Now for the monkey wrench . Just received my Weaver 3x15x50 FFP Tactical Mil MIl scope and its glass is better then the Sightron S3. Its a work of art and they're going for $750.00 they also have a 4x20x50 I don't know how much that is,I'd take a hard look at what I have if I were you. I just got back from shooting mine for 1st time. That glass is so pristine I'd wouldn't hesitate to sight on a deer or bigger 600 to 800 yds.