Which SP on what game for 2007-2008 season?

Okay guys, I am considering a fast twist 223 ("Black Pistol" AR-15) for PD shooting and a occassional yote.
Any suggestions?
XP-100 Lija 6BR shooting 75 gr HPBT 2950 fps. Use on whitetail out to 200 yds. It is a 1 in 14 twist, or I would go heavier and farther.

I also use XP100R in 35 Rem shooting factory 180 gr out to 175 yards or my TC 7X30 Waters with 120 Nosler BTs out to 150 yards. All on whitetail.
What Handgun

I use a Hi standard 22 cal for squirrels and rabbits.

A 7/08 built on a rem xp action for deer size game.

And a 444 marlin in a contender for hogs and bigger.

All are well suited for the game I use them on and
very accurate.

The 22 pistol has a 4x burris on it and is a lot of fun
on small game.

The 7/08 has a 3x 7x Burris and will shoot sub 1''
groups at 300 yards with 150gr nosler ballistic tips.

The 444 contender has a 3x burris and 4 scope rings
to hold it on. recoil is brisk at 43.2 ft/lbs but it will take
a hog off of his feet with the 265 gr bullet at 2050 ft/sec
with a max range of about 200 yards .And with just over
2000 ft/lbs at 100 yards.

what to use this season !!!!hmmmm let's see, the 325,300,7mm,270 WSM's (HS) will be used for whitetails in KY and GA. along with the 284 win. If elk tag is drawn for KY the 325 WSM HS will be the go to ( miracle if tag is drawn). Wish I was going on the antelope SP trip, if so the 260 rem and the 7mm-08 would make that trip along with the 223 and the 22-250 for dogs and yotes,. all in all it will most likely be deer only for me this year.
Well all I got is my lowly ol Contender in several calibers. I finially mounted a scope on my 30-30 AI barrel so I might have to draw some blood with it first.

Or I might pull out the 7x30 for a doe or two, or just use the....

Dangit now I don't know which one to use, they are all so much fun.....
I talked to Rich today and my MOA in 7/376 Steyr should be in the mail tomorrow. The 6.5x284 will be going along to WY for my son, he loved it last year. (I know how he feels, I got one within a year after shooting Ernie's). They will be used for antelope in WY and deer here in WI. I might use the 6.5 for coyotes too for some long shots other wise I'll be using my Striker in 22-250, it works here from 20 yds to 248 yds ;-)
I wish you could make the trip again too Tom !!
I'll be using my Encore 280 AI, that is if my barrel gets here in time. I'm still waiting on it.... Hope to have it in 3 more weeks.

Gonna be using it on whitetails.

yotefever, what kind of ballistics do you expect with the 7/376 round? I've long considered getting something made up on a round based on the 376 (the 9.3x64 Brenneke is very similar, but longer..)

Just curious about the 7/376 round.

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