which scope: Leup, Burr, IOR

James D.

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Feb 16, 2002
Houston, TX
Leupold LRT 8-25x50 sidefocus
Burris BD 8-32x50 sidefocus
IOR Valdada 6-24x50 sidefocus

All have target knobs, price ranges are +/- $100 from each other, sometimes a $200 or $300 difference depending on the supplier. None of them have lighted reticle, that belongs to a choice I already eliminated..a $500 to $600 Nightforce feature. The IOR has 1/4 clicks, the Burris has 1/8", Leupold has 1/4". All choices have 30mm tubes, and if I wanted a lower power I could get a steel tubed IOR. I really like the ranging reticle of the NP-R2 and the IOR MP-8 so that is why I am in a bind... (maybe the IOR is more durable than the Leupy and Burris?)

I have a 15MOA base and will probly grab a set of Signature rings or just spring for some Barrett rings.

Rifle is a .338 Lapua with a 26" barrel, probly going to be fed with 250g Scenars for awhile. Intentions are to start shooting at 600 yards and beyond. I am leaning more towards the IOR since it has the Ranging reticle but I am open to other choices.
Actually, Burris does have lighted reticules now but they are only in the lower power stuff. 3-9 Fullfield and 4-10 Sig series. I'm not positive, but I think Leupold is also going to introduce them this summer. That I did not confirm myself but was told.

Call Natchez Shooters Supply and check thier sale prices. I think they sell all 3 brands and models. They're about the least expensive place to get optics that I know of.

You're gonna be happy with any of the above if you get it at a price you like.
I have the Leopold 8.5X25 with a duplex reticle, and the IOR Valdada with the MP-8 reticle. I like the IORs reticle design better, and it has the quick rear eye focus vs. the Leopold lock ring type. Probably going to sell my Leopold and by another Valdada.
I have decided on the IOR Valdada 6-24x50, side focus aluminum tube, non-lighted MP-8 reticle, and I think that it's around $100 more than the leupy. Now if Leupy or Burris had a similiar reticle and did not increase the price another $100 over their current models the outcome would be different.

Now the hard decision of buying a IOR now or maybe wait until they come out with a 6-24x50 illuminated.... Then again I can't have my cake and eat it too, or can I?

I appreciate the few replies on the subject and more thanks goto the other member's past posts concerning the subject.
Give Don a hallar for a good price on an IOR scope.Baught a 16x from him with the NP8,Great glass with lots of MOAs for the 50BMG=CJ
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Thanks for the "Don" connection, he was able to beat my best price by about $100...brings the price down to Leupold LRT territory.
One question for y'all w/ the IOR scopes... Once upon a time, I saw a review on their website (not the one I see now when I go there?) that featured (I think) the 16x42mm Tactical, and it had a sunshade extension mounted on it. No where on the IOR-Valdada site, or any retailer do I find a sunshade for their scopes. Any ideas on where this accessory could be had?



I recently bought a IOR 6x42 Tacticle. I came with a sunshsde. Perhaps all models come supplied with a sunshade.


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