Which Remington 700 to buy?


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Feb 22, 2010
I'm looking into picking up a 700 in .308 (there's a few out there) and I've come across two models in paticular that interest me and my price range. I also want to get left handed version.

The first is a new SPS Varmint. Eventually, I'd replace the stock with an HS Precision or something.

The second option is a used 700 VSF that comes with the HS Precision stock. It has a couple small dings here and there, and its had around 50 rds put through it...so the owner says.

A new SPS Varmint will run $600 after taxes and everything in this area (Southern IL). Add in the HS stock and I'm looking at $900-$930 or so. The price on the 700 VSF is $850, but its an auction and may go for lower.

Any advice on which is the better buy and or gun? Is there any difference at all outside of the stock and fluting? What would be a good deal on the 700 VSF?


I would also take a look at the Remington 5R in 308. Do a search on gunbroker or other sites. Might be just what you are looking for.It has a 11.25 twist rate for the heavier bullets.
Wow $400 range. That is a heck of a good price. I just bought a 700 SPS Varmint and paid $547 and I thought I got a good deal. Have the $40 rebate to mail in to put it down to $507.
$400 wow!
FYI: Cabelas has a version of that SPS Varmint that has a stainless barrel and jeweled bolt (black stock); is sometimes on sale (I picked one up in .22-250 for < $500.) I think it comes in .308. Arguably a little nicer pkg. than the plain black bolt/barrel, although nothing wrong with them and they're a good way to get a 700 action for not much $. I also plan on an H-S stock and detachable magazine for mine. It shoots well.
i would get the vsf; but the sales at dick sound interesting. i have not heard of a left handed 5-r but i have heard they shoot real good. ron
The remington sps varmint is fine, but only has a 1:12x, where as the 5R
has a1:11.25x which will handle the 175gr and heavier bullets.
If you are only going to shoot the 168 or less 1:12 is fine.
I would PM Michael Eickel on this site, as he is the 308 guru.
After doing some research on the 5r, I think I'm sold. All I've ever shot were right handed bolt guns, I just shot them left handed. I think I can deal with the right handed bolt for the accuracy I've been reading the 5r can pull off. And once again, by the time I get a new stock for the SPS, I'm pretty close to the 5r price tag anyway.

Right now I've gotten a price quote for the 5r of $929 before taxes from a big dealer not far from me in KY. Anyone heard anything different?
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