which pda for exbal


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Apr 8, 2009
Stockton, Utah
I've been looking at getting a pda to use with exbal and i'm not much of a computer guy. My question is, I've been looking at some used pda's and what do I need to have (what would be best) I'm not really going to do anything else with it just looking for advise on what to buy?
I have heard good things about Del Axim Pda's, X51 or larger. I bought my son a used one locally. It seemed to be like new :rolleyes:. This thing was always going dead or completely losing his data. He had two batteries for it as well. It finally quit completely.

I think he just had bad luck or was not charging it properly. I know other people that have these and love them.

I opted for the Recon and it is awesome. I have left it unplugged for 2-3 weeks and it is still good to go. Downside is that it is exspensive.
You have to decide which OS you want to use. Windows or Palm. If you decide to go with a Palm OS, make sure you get one that has flash memory. If you don't, and the batteries die while your out, you ahve to resync with your computer to get things running again. I have a T5 and it works great, supper battery life and low cost. If the battery goes dead, I just charge it back up and carry on. Plus there are a number of hard cases you can get for it.

Good luck with your choice.


I bought a Dell Axim X30 at a pawn shop in Vegas a couple weeks ago for $60. I emailed Michael Eichele (on this site), and he was gracious enough to send me his program free. I had the geeks at work load it up and I was good to go. This weekend we went out to Black Pine Idaho and tried it out. It had me spot-on out to 735 yards. I didn't shoot farther than that this weekend but I'm sure it'll be the same out past that. We'll see.
The Dell X30 battery held a charge all weekend. No worrys there and the program from Eichele was a great price..FREE!:D
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