Which one?

There are few if any 3 1/2" loads that will out pattern a balanced 3" load, plus the 3" is cheaper and easier on the shoulder.

Franchi Affinity 3, made right along side the Benelli in Italy. Patterns better and easier to clean because everything comes out the front of the action. There is nothing in the buttstock except for the drop and cast bolt, so it only has to be removed once to fit the shotgun to you.
I have the 12G 28" Franchi Affinity 3.5" that I purchased in 2019, and I am very pleased with it.
plan to spend $1000-1500 and buy whichever one fits you the best. Look at barrel lengths and get the right length for the hunting you plan to do.

I have Remington, Benelli, beretta and Browning, and I love them all. Remington 11-87 is my rifled slug gun. Benelli SBE is my upland gun. Beretta A 400 and A391 are my trap and duck guns and the Browning gold is my turkey gun. My Perazzi is my trap gun and sometimes dove gun, but most of the time my Browning 725 in .410 is my go to for dove.

With any of the above you really can't go wrong.