which muzzle brake


Feb 26, 2003
I am seriously considering a muzzle brake on a Rem. 700 300 RUM. I've sort of narrowed the choices down to Vais and Answer Products. I would appreciate any comments, good or not so good, on these two brakes. Feel free to mention any other brake that I should consider.
Check with S1 or STL_Shooter about the anti-torque brake seems to work very well. I believe that Dave King but, it be Darryl Cassel that tried it out also.
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S1's brake has an oddball thread and you would need to send him your rifle for him to install, if I remember correctly.

STL Shooter and Len have both shot the 30 Wolf with them and they might give a comparison to the Vias etc.

Darryl C. has used both the Vias and KDF brakes and says one is louder, and the other is just a bit more effective, I can't remember which one was which though.

I've shot my brothers 338/378wby with a Holland (3 side slots) brake found in Brownells, it is super effective and doesn't dirrect gas downward to blow up dirt when shooting off a bipod either.

I don't have any on my rifles, but the one on my Savage striker if effective, not to the extent that the Holland is though.
I like the KDF better then the Vais brakes.

They seem to dampen the recoil better then the Vais.

All brakes are extremely loud.
Learn to hunt with your Peltor Tacticals on at all times. Makes you hear thngs in the woods you would never would have and at long distances.
keeps your ears warm in cold weather too.


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I was just checking out the Peltor tactical muffs, does anyone know which model messes with your stock weld the least?
Gonetocamp, I have reported elsewhere on the forum that on and off testing of S1's brake design with 178s, 210s and 220s has proven to me that it dramatically reduces torque and felt recoil.

I discussed the brake design in-depth with a Boeing fluid dynamics engineer at a party the other night. His recommendation, after understanding S1's design, was to "buy stock in his company - he knows his stuff...".

SR90, I use the Peltor ComTac muffs. Since they're waterproof, I wear them all the time - sometimes all day - while hunting. They enhance the experience, and don't bother my stock weld at all...
Hey guys. Those Muffs are cool!

If you use the ComTacs and a motorola talk about, do you need to use a seperate micorphone or would your speech be picked by the external mics and then transmit using the VOX on the radio??

Do the tacticals have the input also?
You should not need a separate mic if you don't mind holding the radio near your mouth.

The Tactical units do not have radio integration features...

I want to operate it hands free using vox and hear the chatter through the muffs. We do this now with the cheap cell phone mics/booms for coyotes and it's a lot of fun. So how do you get that to work? Plug in to an adapter module that splits off the speakers from the mic and use one of those neck mics or do you have to use a boom model?

I've not yet purchased a mic for use with my ComTacs, but I've done a bit of research on Peltor's site as well as a few of the tactical equipment vendors that sell systems based on Peltor products. Just search with Google on Peltor Comtac - you'll get a number of mic options that'll do what you want...
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