Which mouth call for Coyotes


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Jan 8, 2009
Santa Maria, CA
I hunt in areas where there are no rabbits and I was wondering what type of call to use? How many different calls should I carry? Thanks. Tom gun)
I always have a hawk screamer on me. They can add a lot of realism.
Quaker Boy has a bird in distress call that does a pretty good job.
The Primos cat-nip call is also capable of some neat sounds.

Still, my old standby is a JS PC-3. You can make a pretty wide variety of sounds with it. The only downfall is the closed reed.
I use a Johnny Stewart electronic most of the time. If the dogs are hanging up on me, I try to locate them with a ki-yi type call using either the Primos Sonic Dome or Double Howler. After I locate them, I turn the electronic on with the woodpecker in distress or the cotton tail. Eve though there may not be many rabbits in your area I think this should get them in shooting range.
Burnham Brothers mini-blaster !

Use a howler -you don't have to be good w/ it ,just make an ooowwwwwwuuuhhhh sound -non threatening.
I've called in alot of coyotes with the Circe calls. I believe that Lohman has since bought Circe. They are a closed reed type with a "nipple" that fits between the lips well. Some closed reed types are just round at the tip and are harder for me to get some "emotion" into the sound. One thing I really liked about the Circe, it is extremely loud if I want it to be! I can squeze down my hand at the end of it and blow harder......resulting in a higher pitch. Open the hand a little and blow softer........lower pitch. You might have to put a little more "flex" in the reed to get some calls to do this, but it works great for a closed reed sound. Alot of rasp in it too.

I don't believe that coyotes think of it as a rabbit, I believe that they sense the agony and emotion of a prey animal getting tore in two while still alive. Coyotes are very afraid of people, but I'd bet money that a recording of a screaming baby/child would work very well to call them in. Just an opinion really, but I bet it would work!

Good luck!
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