which model to get in 300RUM????


Jan 28, 2004
Yes,another 300um question,But mine relates to make model. I can't decide what factory rifle to puchase. Remington has the most model's I have been thinking about the 700lss(non-mountian),or the sendero. Also the savage 116(with out the brake). My question is accuracy,velocity. wish to get 3500+ with 165gr bullets for long range deer hunting. sendero is the most expensive and the lss is about $200less and the savage $200less ,yet. what gun is gonna produce accurate fast loads in this caliber. also what has to be done to any one of these to improve if I choose one. I need some experienced answer's and I see theres alot of RUM shooters here.
I would go with the savage, they are just as accurate as the remington, and with all the money you save you can buy alot better scope, They both probably have 26" barrels so velocity is the same, the only draw back to savage is that you have to look a little harder to find some after market stuff, and if you get one with out the accu trigger your going to have to spend some time adjusting it. you might also want to consider a heavier bullet, they shoot alot better at long range.

I am wondering if the stock is better on the 166 than the model 110 from 4 years ago. My brother has a synthetic blued 300 win mag in a 110 and the stock is extremely flimsy and almost feels like you could lull it apart while using a sling.
If I had to get a factory 300 RUM... Sendero, and I would never look back. Savage is good, but there are TONS of after market goodies you can get for a 700 and if you ever take it to a smith, the 700 action cleans up real nice. A 700 trigger is a good trigger, they just need an adjustment. That is 1 nice thing about the savages. They have a good trigger. It is possible to achive 3500 FPS with the 300 RUM with a 165. I would be EXTREMELY carfull as to which bullets and what powder. A 165 Nosler ballistic tip will generate a smidge less pressure than most 165's therefore making it possible to get a LITTLE extra velocity. You would be much better off sticking to 3350 to 3450 with the 165 in a factory stick, especially with the tight twists they put in em

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I agree with michael, Sendero! Same Reasons.
I also agree with velocities he mentioned.

I have mentioned my combo on Michael,s 300rum post. I would stick with a remington. The reason is, a friend recently purchased a savage 300wm. It had a fluted stainless heavy barrel, weight was close to a sendero. The issues that he had were first, the trigger had to be replaced to come under 10lbs $$ and the stock design was so bad that recoil was shockingly severe, after his first magnum eyebrow!! he developed a severe flinch. muzzle brake$$$ and still had a *** stock. With a sendero, you have a tigger that can be adjusted for $40 and a stock that is excellent. Buy a sendero or PSS and you'll never look back.

I have a Remington Sendero SF in 300Ultra.
It is a great gun!!! I shoot 178gr Amax bullets at 3300fps. I use 95gr Re25 and a 215
primer to get there. I would buy another Sendero in a heartbeat!!!
I recently picked up the Sendero in 300 rum. put a leupold 6.5-20 50mm long range target mildot (gen2 from premier reticle), restocked it with the ultimate sniper so I could add weight (total rifle weight 21 lbs). just sighted it in and shot a few at long range ( 2 shots at 300 yards, 3/4" group, 2 shots at 400 yards, just under 2" group). I haven't even worked up my loads yet. just picked an average load for the 190gr sierra match king, hodgden H-1000 91.4gr. I bought my sendero used but as new for $700. this is my second sendero. first was in 7mm rem. also a tack driver. the sendero is a great rifle. I kept my original HS precision stock just in case I want to carry it around.
but I also hear the savage rifles are also very accurate. a friend of mine has one in the tactical version in 25-06 which is very accurate.
the savage with the new accu-trigger is one that I would love to own someday.
I got a LSS in .300 RUM. It shoots extremely well with the little load development I have worked up with 3 different bullets. 150g CT BT, 200g SMK, 200g Accubond. Yesterday I was curious to see how the 150's would group at 800 yards. As most of you know, the 200g SMK shot a 4 inch group. Well I was very surprised to see that the 150g combined technology ballistic silvertip at 3650fps shot a 3 shot group of 3.6" inches at 800 yards. The 200g Accubond load I have worked up shot a 1.5" group at 525 yards. Rifle is completely out of the box except for trigger work down to 2 3/4 lbs. I opted for the LSS, laminated wood to help soak up the recoil as I did not want a break. Hope this helps.
I've decided to go with a Savage model 112 FVSS 300 win mag,the rifle is on sale for $450. The cash I'll save will be made up with a much better scope and trigger job if needed. I chose a 300 win mag because I already reload my brother's very accurate savage and the extra little bit of horsepower produced is not really that much compared to a properly loaded 300 WM. Thanks guys for the help.
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