which call for bowhunting elk


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Apr 5, 2009
whidbey island , wa.
hope im putting this in the right place . il be doing an sept hunt for elk here in wa. i will be hunting several areas from high meadows , to lower valleys . im looking for suggestions on a call . i will use one or 2 at most . what have you had succes with ? if you could only take one what would it be ? im not holding out for a big bull and will be hunting an area that is cow or bull . meat in the freezer is most important to me

thanks adam
Ya gotta have a hoochie mama, but don't abuse it. I really like the Primos hyper lip double, you get that sexy whine with it.
I use the E.L.K., inc power bugle, it is easy to run and I can pull bulls when they won't even answer other calls. I'm going to try the Primos baffle bugle but I really want to put the ELK inc head on the primos tube and see what I get.
I can't go into the woods without 4 or 5 calls so just using two I would go with the hoochie and the power bugle but since calls are small I would grab the hyper lip as I went out the door.:D
check out www.LETHALRELEASE.com I just went to his seminar and it was the best I have seen. Get the video, he teaches about elk instincts. Very informative and he custom makes calls for you cheap. Around $5 per reed. You will here calls on there that you have probably never heard before. Good luck.
+1 on the Hoochie Mama...they make a small pocket-size version now, has anyone tried one yet? The Montana cow elk butt decoy works really well for getting the elk to go where you want them to go.
Good luck!
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