Which Barrel on Rifle Build...also caliber?


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Jun 4, 2009
I am doing my 1st build and was wondering what barrel to go with? There are so many options. I plan on using a Savage action. One I have been looking at are...Douglas Fluted...Shilen...Pacnor...ect...ect..

It will be calibered in either a 7mmMag, 7WSM, 7mm-300WSM or 7SAUM? Haven't figured out which yet. Thoughts on that to??

I have a Douglas in 7 saum that is one of if not my most accurate rifle, if I really concentrate and pay attention to what I'm doing I can wring .25" groups out of it at 100 yds, unfortunately I ain't always that good:rolleyes:

I also have a couple of Pac Nor barrels that I have no complaints with, they don't group as well as the Douglas, but I suspect that has more to do with rifle weight and loads used than barrel quality.

Bottom line is any of the top barrel makers will work just fine for ya. As for the calibers you listed, I doubt there is 150fps diffence from fastest to slowest with the same bullet weight. I picked the saum because the case is .100 shorter than the wsm with a longer neck and I thought it was a little better fit in a SA with heavy bullets. But heck just pick one and bang away.:D

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Most aftermarket barrels are pretty accurate, more so than the individual operating the rifle. Any of the ones you listed should be good to go. I'm going with a Broughton 5C on my .260 build.
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