Which barrel and cartridge??


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Jan 25, 2003
Hi, new to board. I am going to rebarrel an action and was wondering if anyone had ever tried the Blackstar AccumaxII?? Also which 7mm cartridge would you chamber in? According to Hornady's manual w/ 162gr bullets Weatherby, Dakota, and STW all burn the same amounts of powder and get same velocity. thanks
If I were going to use a 7mm I think that I would have to go with a 7mmWSM , but if you want real speed from it then a 7-300wby or 7mmRUM. The 7mm Dakota makes for a great round due to its short fat case being able to seat long bullets out real far and still work in a bolt action repeater , BUT , I ststed a few reasons that the Dakots just isin't realy a viable option to me I have a 300Dakota and I think that there are better alternitives out there.
The 7mm Remington magnum is no slouch by any means and should be given consideration
I don't know about the 7mmSTW have never delt with one but that is one long case and may cause problems feeding from the mag with bullets seated out far.

The question is , what do you expect this gun to do for you ??
Purpose would be mostly target shooting(600yds.+) and hunting. I was thinking of going with the Blackstar in their standard high power contour in 7mm weatherby with 10" twist. I dont know of anyone who has tried this barrel. Haven't much about them anywhere. But this contour is kind of what I had in mind (1.245" for 3" x 0.800" @ 30").
I had a Blackstar barrel once and was not really impressed with it but you really can't judge a barrel manufacturer on a single barrel. It appears that many guys are shooting Hart, Lilja, Krieger or Shilen barrels (I'm sure I missed one). That alone makes me look closer at these barrels than one that appears less frequently at the shoots & matchs.

When deciding on a new cartridge for a custom rifle it is not a bad idea to find a cartridge that has top quality brass available for it. Brass could become the weakest link in your accuracy package.

Just my thoughts.


7wsm in a 30" tube sounds like a good setup to me.im curious as to why you are only looking at the 7's though.as far as blackstar goes cant say i have heard much-which usually means there are better products to had.what will you be hunting with this rifle?-my-2-dave
I will be shooting deer, coyotes and pronghorn if I can ever draw in on a hunt. The reason for 7mm, it suits my needs. I was leaning toward Krieger, but saw the blackstar website and thought I would ask around a bit before making a final decision. I was leaning toward 7mm weatherby or rem. mag because once the throat erodes in one of these cartridges, I could rechamber to 7mm STW or 7mm/300weatherby. I thought Remington and Norma made Weatherby brass.
Like it was said look at what reloading components are available. With the weatherby's you'll have Norma brass which is good stuff but kinda soft and most Weatherby reamers are set up for realy exsessive freebore which can hurt accuracy and the 7mm Weatherby is a pretty long case fit your were to load some VLD type bullets out to touch the lands it may not feed from the mag.

Now 7mm WSM , their is Norma brass availabe in 300WSM which is a simple neck job which will increase the neck thickness and help accuracy aifer you give them a light turning. The WSM case is proven to be very effecient and accurate and some good data available. And unless you shooting arrows for bullets it will feed from a long action mag with no problem.
AND if you decide that the WSM isin't for you you can have it rechambered to say a 7mm RUM improved without having to cut the barrel back any.

Look at the velocity differances with the Weatherby and WSM as opposed to the benifits of both. Either will do what you want it to and both are capibable of accuracy better than most shooters are capable of producing if the smith does hit work and you do yours at the reloading bench.
Thanks guys, you've given me a couple of angles I hadn't looked at before. I will more than likely go with a Krieger barrel. As for cartridge, might go with Rem mag no prob. getting brass and still a fine cartridge, or maybe the WSM you have suggested. Really don't know anything about the WSM except they are short and fat. By the way, the action I was going to use for this is a Win.
Short and fat = efficient. Compare the 30-06 to the 308. The 308 hold about 47 grains with a bullet and the 06 hold about 63 grains of powder with a bullet in the case. With bullets of 175 grains and less, the 308 is only about 100 FPS slower than the 06 with much better inherent accuracy. Each case is the same diameter. The 06 is quite a bit longer.

One can make the same comparison to the wsm and the RUM. Large case differances, slight gains in performance. Now if you compare the 7mm wsm vs the 7mm Rem mag, they about equal each other. The wsm will offer better accuracy potential and less recoil.

One of the benefits to shorter is that more of the actual primer flash reaches more of the powder. Thats one reason why they are so efficient and accurate.

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In addition to the brass, the bullet type is going to come into play if you go over say a Rem 7 mag. I had an STW that would scoot 140 grain bullets over 3500 FPS, but they were absolute bombs when they hit something. I have had trouble getting the necessary accuracy out of controlled expansion bullets which are really required for these speeds. I dropped down to the 7MM remington mag and use Sierra 160 grain bullets and Winchester Powerpoints. I have had great luck with Lilja barrels as well as Douglas. Good luck on your project.

If you're having problems with the 7STW and explosive terminal performance try the Nosler Accubond bullets. They are very accurate, have bonded cores and are reasonably priced for a controlled expansion bullet.
In my 7STW I can shoot the 160gr Accubond into .5 moa @ 200yds with no problem. They are definately worth a try.

VH, You really have a load going with that STW. I have had great luck with the 200 grain Accubonds in a 30-338. That is the kind of accuracy you need to take advantage of the tremendous velocity you are getting with the STW. I might have to try some in my Remington 7 mag. Any shots on game with them yet? They should be very good and I doubt you will recover one. I also have heard good things about the new Hornady interbonds. Have you had any experiences with them? Thanks for any info. Kurt
Unfortunately, I did not huntg with the 7STW this past fall season so I do not have any first hand info on the Accubond's terminal performance.
For average distance whitetail hunting I prefer to use my 7mm-08 and 140gr bullets. The lighter Accubonds were not available earlier so I have not had a chance to try them yet. The 7mm-08 coupled with a 140gr B-Tip make whitetails run for cover.
Unless the 140 Accubonds won't shoot I will probably not be using the Interbonds. Over the years I have had really good luck with Nosler bullets.
That's not to say that I don't shoot Hornady A-Max's, Sierra SMK's and Barnes X bullets, to name just a few.

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