Which 6.5 match bullet


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
OK-- i've got 3" 300 yd. gps. from my 16" 6.5-284 XP from the 140 SST @ 2760 f.p.s., but i think i can improve on this accuracy with a match bullet of whatever make.

Now here's the thing-- which match bullet would you pick that would go to 6 or 700 yds. @ 27-2800 m.v., and still give decent terminal ballistics on elk and deer at ranges from point blank to 700 yds?????? I'm assuming that a match bullet that "comes apart" at rifle velocities (in excess of maybe 3000 f.p.s m.v.) will provide good performance at my XP-100 velocities. I'm trying to take the quick way out by relying on the collective experience here. This question would also apply to .30's as well since my partner is shooting a 30 cal. XP @ 30-06 rifle velocities. Any ideas???

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I use 140gr jlk's in 6.5 they work good at 1000yrds. they also make 190's and 210's for 30cal ,boyd uses 210's in his 300wsm. they mite also make 168's that would be a good with a 30/06.
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