Which 6.5 die set to get?


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Jul 31, 2009
Seattle, Washington
Hi fellow shooters, I'm sort of new to this so bare with me. I just finished a 6.5x47 project. Bult from a Savage 110, and a 26in. cut rifiled stanless barrel from Sharp Shooter supply. I'm also currently working on a 6.5 Grendel . The 24in. barrel and upper is from Alexander Arms. I plan of switching uppers with my Ruger .204 on a Les Baer lower.
I have a box of 6.5x47 Lapua shells and 200 rds. of Hornady 6.5mm A-Max bullets. I was told in order to order a collet type die set, to slip a round into a case and measure and subtract so many thousands. Then I can place an order. My problem is that the cases are to small, and the round will not slip easly into the case. Am I missing something? I plan on getting dies in both the Lapua and Grendel. So which die set should I get, collet or full length, and which is best? Collet or Standard ? and why? Also who would you recomend that I go through to order? I hope you can help, of all my bulds this is my primary stumbling point. R.Delung
Go to 6mmbr.com and see what they are doing with the 6.5x47.
Lots of good info.

I have dies from Forster and Redding and they are very good. I also have collet dies from Lee and they give great results, especially for the price.
For my 6.5wssm I use a Forster seater and bushing bump die, and a Redding body die. I get virtually no runout and getting amazing accuracy!

Also I have found Sinclair Int'l to be very helpful. Talk to one of the tech guys and they will give you any assistance you need.
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