Which .308 Savage?


Sep 30, 2012
This gun will be used for mostly white tail deer but will do some long range targeting with it. Scope will be a Mullett trs-1. Looking at a savage weather warrior accutrigger and stock. here's a link for both. Savage Arms
or Savage Arms The fcp I can get for about $600 used and the WW I should be able to get for $600 or under new.
I like the FCP option... if you don't mind carrying the weight of it.

It will probably shoot more accurately for you, and if you ever go class 3, it's threaded for a can...
I like stainless for most all of my rigs...but having said that...the FCP seems to have a better set up for long range. It has the wider forend...extra front swivel stud. It also has the detachable mag...which is nice...besides the threaded barrel. Either one will shoot very well with 175 gr.+ bullets with their 1:10" twist barrels.

I run a couple of BVSS's in .308...one with a 28" barrel and another with a 30" tube. Both are 1:10" twist custom barrels....I really have become a fan of Savage rifles....they have come a long way with their machining and quality control. I think you'd be happy with either model you listed.

Good Luck,

Get a Stevens 200 and put a better barrel and stock on it for about the same price.

If you find the right deal, you'll even have money left over for a better scope.
I didn't. I just don't thing they are needed as immediately as the stock or barrel.

Trigger is something that can go later down the road. I've had some decent 2-screw triggers. 3-screws can be had for very cheap
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