Where to live in WY.

If yer gonna live in Cody, pick a spot east of the Corbett bridge. For whatever reason, the wind quits blowing as soon as you cross the bridge.
Tag. Also thinking about moving to WY. I would need to fly to LA twice a month for work. Where are the airports near Cody, also the Devils Tower area?
there is an airport in Cody but its a smaller one and pretty expensive to fly out of most of us take off from Billings airport which is only a ninety minute drive away. Just google land for sale in Clark Wyoming theres a few real estate sights out there. It is windy there quite a bit but ain't all of Wyoming? anyway any area around Cody is a great place to live.
OK....boys fly out to Cody this Monday to look at a house in Wapiti. I will buy dinner if someone will go with me.

Need to gun)friends
Just got back home last night 3:00pm. Loved the house and Wapiti too. The people are the best of all it was like I have lived their all my life. Hope to close on the house by the end of April.
Where to live in WY depends on your wallet more than anything else. There are some pretty nice places here, but I've yet to see anything that I would consider cheap. It also depends on what kind of work you do, or if you are retired.

BTW, I'll make you a good deal on a house in Rolling Hills, WY ;) I have five different places to shoot within 10 miles of the house, can shoot about 800 yards at the one a half mile from the house :)
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