Where to live in WY.

1 mile

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Oct 8, 2012
Nebo Va.
I'm going to retire next year 2014 and going to move to Wy. I want to be out with a small house and some land, I want to be where I can hunting about anything. I have been to Cody and like it their very well.

I would make a good friend so invite in your backyard.gun)I like to shot long ranges too.
Out of all the places ive lived and spent time in wyoming I would have to pick cody as the top of my places to live. If you dont mind a smaller town (without walmart or any big stores) I would pick somewere around devils tower in the black hills. Awesome area and some of the highest populations of deer and turkey in the state with a few elk thrown in there. Specially if you own land. Only down side I can think of. The black hills area is some years they get a lot of snow . My cell is 435 340 0664 if youd like to talk more
Great....looking hard at Wapiti area right now...so I'm close. Got your #...find me a small house it's just me and a little land . I live out here in my backwoods...45mins form a store.

Hope to make you one of my new friends in Wy. all by the way need a place to shot a long ways....a mile would work.

I'll be making a trip out his year to shop for a new home.

Thanks for your time
Good luck with that !!! The name of a Realtor to use or a friend who has something for sale. Its just me I need a small house,barn/shop land next to no one...I have a tractor,4 wheel etc to keep out of the weather.

Again thanks
+1 on Cody. I live in Powell which is only 30 minutes from Cody and the hunting around this area is just awesome. Elk deer sheep and tons of waterfowl. It's a great place to kill about every species offered in north america. And we've got some pretty good ice fishing in the local lakes.
Thanks....help me find me a home...small house with land next to nowhere...I'm looking at the Wapiti area.
land up wapiti is pretty subdivided its more smaller lots and filled with wealthy tree huggers. have you considered south fork? its on the other side of the reservoir and theres alot more land up there. either way I'll keep my ears open. another great place would be Clark its only thirty minutes away and just has a small bar and a school you can get land there pretty cheap.
Thanks....looking at Clark...hope to fly out the end of March....if you know of somewhere let me know.

yep love the windgun)more MOA's....the wind is my friend

Try to find me a place I would like...at home here in southwest Va. I can shot form my yard a long ways and no one cares.
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