Where to go for coyotes?

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
I may want to do some long range coyote hunting this winter or early spring. Maybe guided...maybe not. (I have no experience)

How far from Wisconsin would I need to go?
You may give my hunting buddy Stve Hugel (sscoyote) a call. He frequents this forum and likes to both call and stalk coyotes. More and more he is leaving his rifles at home and instead is using specialty handguns.
If you can't contact him or find his info send me an e-mail.
[email protected]

Strictly FYI. TPW doesn't classify an air rifle or pellet gun as being a legal weapon. Even though Coyotes are not game animals or furbearers. We had an interesting situation brought up in town(TX) where a kid shot a squirrel with a pellet gun. Its against the law. I"m not saying anyone would prosecute or even catch ya but.... FWIW just a heads up.


Yea, but you're such a good caller you get them into 12 yards and that's no challenge for the shooter!

(How long are the shot opportunities and when is a good season?)
Well, a subject with which I am familiar, but, I'm 2000 miles away.

I know Tim Behle, he has good area down in Mc Neal, AZ, but that's almost as far.

Maybe the best bet is to give Scott Huber a call? He's in South Dakota, works animal control, well known on the 'net as Wiley E.

[email protected]
(605) 462 - 6666 office

You might mention my name.

Good luck, Leonard
I hope you dont think Wis is a bad place to shoot yotes. I live about 1 hour away from you and we have tons of them......Why not go around here? or there in osh. You guys must have tons too?

We have an abundance of 'yotes down here. I have access to several thousand acres of ground, so finding a set up will be little problem.

My 'smith & his machinist like to come over for 3-4 days in January or February & hunt HARD. They've given up on Indiana & say they see more dogs in 3 days here than in an entire season in Hoosierland. You're welcome to come south and get after it.

Where you located? And is your smiths name Geoff?
I am in Olney, and will be taking some time off in late Jan to hunt. If you want to huntdrop me a line.