Where to find a good left hand rem stock?


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Mar 26, 2008
I have a new rifle in mind and plan on ordering the action this week (a Stiller) It will have a sendero contour barrel and I'd like to find a good stock. I'm leaning towards a tactical style but really like laminates. I would like to keep it as light as possilbe but being left handed there is not alot of options. I looked at a A-2 and couldn't find a weight on mcmillan's site. Any input will help. Thanks
You can find used short action lefty stocks every now and then - there were a few HS Precision's and one McMillan for sale on here a few weeks ago. If you looking a long action left handed stock, good luck; those don't show up for sale very often.

I've got a lefty Stiller TAC300 sitting next to me that I'll most likely put in a Manners stock Manners Composite Stocks check them out.

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