Where the heck are they?


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
I have been out most every morning and set there looking over a big field loaded with woodchucks see lots of sign the temps have been 55 to 65 and seen nothing.
Do they do there dirty work at night?
How early are ya getting out? I usually don't even go look for them till around 09:30AM. That gives the sun time to come up good and warm them up a bit, plus I can get some coffee.
I would have thought by November they would have already hibernated but I shot two Saturday. One at 200yds and the other at 580yds. Longest kill this year.
I thought they were strictly daytime feeders but my neighbor said he killed one the other night about a month or two ago. Guess we should "Google" them and find out their habits. :) JohnnyK.
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