Where in the US do you live?

Where in the US do you live?

  • West of the Mississippi River

    Votes: 1,137 61.3%
  • East of the Mississippi River

    Votes: 690 37.2%
  • On the Mississippi River on a houseboat

    Votes: 28 1.5%

  • Total voters
Outside of "Nashvegas"... Good opportunity for small game, fishing, deer, bear, turkey, etc. Close enough to the gulf for saltwater fishing. Love hunting in CO and WY though....
I cannot mentally bring myself to live east of the Mississippi. I've lived in Arkansas, Missouri, California, and now North Idaho. North Idaho is where I plan on being interred at the proper time.
So, the poll got me thinking….if you did actually live on a rented houseboat on the Mississippi River and had a different port of call every week or so, where exactly would be your home state? No home state, no drivers license, no way to purchase a firearm from a gun shop?

Interesting vector for a legal challenge to some stupid gun law somewhere??