Where have all the groundhogs gone?

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    Oct 14, 2012
    Buckeye Coyote Hunter here in central Ohio, started hunting in the sixties, landowner whose farm adjoined Dad's made a .10 cent bounty of groundhog tails. The range and the effectiveness of 22LR HP's in my Marlin 99 soon grew short of my desire to reach out and hammer Mr Whislte Pig. The next step up the ladder was a 22WMR in a Marlin 783, it was a huge improvement but a wiser hunter named Jim told me I should have bought a 222, LOL He was right, but I went to a Remington 788 chambered in 243 Win in 1978. Now it seems the G/hogs are scarce, we blame intense rowcroping with modern chemicals and a growing coyote population. Thus my new moniker.

    Thanks for running a VERY impressive site!