Where are the powder and primers?

Varmint Hunter

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
I never leave my local gun store empty-handed https://www.longrangehunting.com/th...the-local-gun-store-empty-handed-rule.255740/ and do NOT care what others think.

The beauty of reloading is the ability to work with what you have - adapt and overcome. I have purchased powders that I do not usually use but know others who trade them for what suits my needs. There are lots of members that are doing the same.

It is funny that those that prepare for the worst are all labeled hoarders.

My post was not intended to criticize how anyone buys their reloading components. It merely answered the posters question as I see it. If you took it any other way you have my apologies.


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Mar 10, 2021
H4895 or another temp stable powder for 22-250 with 50-55 gr bullets.
Here are some other things you might consider.

H4895 is about a .55 burn rate

IMR 4895 is about .52 but maybe not as temp stable. Widely available right now. Go to Third Generation Shooting Supply or
Defender Distribution sites.

There has been a lot of IMR 4350 available. It is about .5150 but is also not guaranteed temp stable.

The Enduron IMR series is temp. stable and so these may work

IMR Enduron 4166 - .5890 avail on Defender Distribution web site right now.

IMR Enduron 4451 - .5750

IMR Enduron 4955 - .4910 Available right now on Defender Distribution

Or if you really want it and want to pay, you can go right to gunbroker.com and buy H4895 anytime at a premium.

And there were primers advertised for sale here on this site galore last week. Small and large rifle, and large rifle magnum.

Mostly at Midway and Brownell's. Some at Natchez and some at Powder Valley. So, watch the classified adds under reloading components and be ready. They last anywhere from 20 min. to an hour at most once posted. All most everyone on this site who
was watching and wanted primers probably got some last week. At least I hope they did.

H4895 is hard to find. I have purchased myself, Varget, Retumbo, H1000, N570, N560, N565, Reloader 17, RL 26,
IMR 4064, IMR 4895, and N568 and large magnum rifle primers in the last 6 months just by watching and being ready.

I have only seen H4895 a few times. I have never seen powders like Trail Boss which are imported.

I have sold and traded Varget several times for RL 26, and I have sold RL 17 and IMR 4064 it turned out I did not need.
If you want something that's temp stable that shoots well in a 22-250, just ask folks here what else they are using other
than H4895.

You will find there are lots of other powders that work well that can be found. At least I sure think so.

Old rooster

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Jan 9, 2019
I sent an email to Winchester and asked why we see a few other primers on the market every now and then but no Winchester primers EVER?
They replied that they have contracts that they are legally bound to and have to fulfill their contracts.Many contracts are military and law enforcement of Federal,State,County and City along with private companies for enforcement and the person said they HAVE to fulfill all those contracts first and foremost.
I don't know what's going on with the military but they have increased their demand for all kinds of ammo and they come first the email said.
Their primer factory is running 24/7 with overtime so they are already in a back log without providing for home re-loaders.
That's all I can remember and it was only a few months ago.

robert rex

Jun 27, 2016
I just bought 1000 CCI Large Rifle Primers on Midway, and 2 pounds of H4831sc as well. Choose the product and activate the notifications and they'll email you when they arrive sporadically. Then jump the F... on them quickly.


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Feb 18, 2019
I can't find a single person who has been able to find powder or primers. Where are they really going?
Why are non of the component companies adding tooling to make more?
I am trying to find just one blinking pound of powder, and there is nothing anywhere. Everyone says it has been weeks/months since a shipment and they have no idea when more will arrive.

I just want to know if anyone has a straight answer, because this is stupid. Some one must have a basement/warehouse full of powder, or something crooked is going on....
Lately I think something crooked is always going on…


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Dec 25, 2016
SE Idaho
Yeah..seems a very bogus answer from Winchester....afterall...who's really sporting the bill of the cops and military....
And if it's anything like the needs of Homeland Security during o's terms of office....they should have millions of ammunition remaining....all this bs about shooting up any extra ammo just to keep the funds coming in.....talk about swamplords.....


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May 11, 2011
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Just a thought, but if you want to limit ammo for the people all you have to do is buy it all on contract. With biden's wording and the bs with the military, it sounds like they are gearing up for martial law.

Teri Anne

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May 24, 2021
What PO's me is the places that "charge what the market will bear". Was in a hardware store the other day and they had a couple of bricks of 22lr. Price was $74.99!
Thanks anyway.
The syndrome if pricing what you have at two or three times it's actual acquisition price has been rampant, especially with online sales over the past year and a half. Ammunition available at our local store at $12.99 for a box of 50 9mm cartridges was being sold online for $59.99. That is what one calls a complete, "RIP OFF!" The same issue applied to rifle ammo. A $49.99 box of 300 win mag was being sold online for $109.99. I personally quit buying anything from the rip off artists, and will never buy from them again. If more of us would take that approach these gougers would see a decline in sales which might have them stand up and take notice. Alas...that will never happen because of the millions of new gun owners that have no clue they are being ripped of.


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Feb 2, 2018


Where in NW Wisconsin are you?