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Oct 20, 2003
Eventually when I am able to do so,I hope to have a semi custom rig built up and my 2 choices I am considering right now are the 280 AI and the 30-06 AI,all based on a Remington 700 long action,with a 26"-28" barrel.

I've been doing a-lot of comparing here and elsewhere,with all of the on-line data I can find,and reloading manuals. A lot to go into I know,but,I like the research and the knowledge gained :)

So..if you only had the money to do just 1 for a all purpose rifle,which would it be and why? Which would have the best average barrel life or are these both about the same? Which barrel would you use and what length & twist.

I am curious,I have read great things about both,and know there are other choices for extreme long ranges,but those come at a cost not only in the wallet but in the shoulder as well. A light weight rifle I am not really needing so a 10-12lb rifle isn't out of the question for me,thus I am open to different stocks options.

All things considered,cost is important,not only in components used but the build cost as well,and life expectancy of the barrel.FWIW..I am not a Savage fan even though I know there are plenty of good ones around,and already have the 700 LA. I could trade what I have now,and put the money into a different rifle,but I don't know if that is the best option as opposed to re-barreling/restocking.

Thanks in advance for your opinions

I'm thinking of using one of the Broughton 5c barrels and even a possible 28" finished length..One of the heavier contour ones and having it fluted as well.

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