When Gadgets Fail - Range Finding Reticles By Darrell Holland


Great write up and very interesting read.

It's always good to know how to survive and keep hunting/shooting even if all of our electronic gadgets go dead.:)
I suspect many of us started off with the reticule as our range finder. That is the way my snipers did it in RVN. It is very effective if you practice with it.

My first range finding scope was the Redfield Accutrac and it was a marvelous device but the Accutrac was only good for about 500 yards or so and it was on a 25-06. Once I outgrew that, I went to the straight Accurange and if you had plenty of time it would do a very good job.

Very good article and I enjoyed it immensely.
Mil dots can be very accurate if you know the size of your target. Break the space down between the mils are far as you can. When I taught at sniper school we had the students break them down as far as 1/20 of a mil.

Keep in mind that even if you know the size of your target; your reading can be skewed because of being slightly above or below the target.

The electronic gadgets are great, but they have taken the art out of long range shooting.
gun)I was impressed with the shots and overall performance of persons using your products and professional services, as observed on a hunting show. I am disabled medically, however I would love to come take your 4 day class. Of course I will have to budget for it, can you direct me to info on cost and dates. In addition I would really like to receive your "free ballistic profile and DVD and the mil graduation card" as this is the method I would like to learn with the use of a T 3 338Mag. Great Job and God Bless!!!!:)
Welcome to LRH.
I know there is room in both of the 4-day schools currently.
You will definitely learn to reticle range in both Mils and MOA.
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