Whats your expierence tell you, Accubond or Scirocco II?

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  1. pyroducksx3

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    Sep 27, 2009
    So Im getting ready to work up loads for a new 7 rem mag I have. I am going to be trying the 140 gr Accubons and 150 gr sciracco II and see what shoots the best. If I dont get what I want from those than Ill try the 154 gr internonds or maybe an sst. So I was wondering what experiences people have had using these bullets, especially on game, both good and bad. Just for info I will be mostly hunting deer and black bear in terrian from the brushy western wa to the open blue mt in eastern wa. Thank you
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  2. texan79

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    Mar 28, 2010
    None with the bullets you mentioned, but Berger VLDs have done fine for me in the 7 Rem mag.
  3. Long Time Long Ranger

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    Mar 12, 2002
    The scirroco is the best lead core controled expansion premium bullet on the market. I have not found anything close to it in a lead core that will not come apart in some circumstances but the scirroco will not. It also has high BC's for weight and caliber. I shoot them in several calibers. The accubonds and interbonds would be second in a lead core with acceptable BC's. You could drive a 150 scirroco through about anything out of a 7mm remington. For deer and black bear there is no need to go over 154 grains unless you plan on shooting extreme ranges. If it were me I would try the exact ones you mentioned and see what shot best in your rifle. Also try the Barnes ttsx for your purpose because they are the best penetrating of all for any shot angle you need to take. One thing about the Barnes is you can go lighter and flatter and still get the desired penetration to shoot through any angle.
  4. Shan

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    Jul 22, 2009
    I have used Sciroccos in my 6.5-284 and they worked brilliant everytime. They needed a large jump to get them to shoot nicely (~60 thou). I'm now using them in my 7mm Dakota as I'm so pleased with them. Expensive though. I would load up the accubond and see which works best (accuracy wise) out of the two
  5. BradArnett

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    Mar 27, 2011
    My experience with the SSII is with the 90gr 6mm version in the 243. I've shot them into 8 (or 9?) whitetails over the last couple seasons with VERY good luck. Shots have ranged from 60-250yds and have been from quartering-away to almost straight on. All shots have exited save one. I had a shot on a good buck that was about 160yds and a raking shot. I shot him offhand and the bullet clipped the onside hip going in and he went right down, he had a little wiggle left in him and I don't like critters getting up so I put a second one in him very quickly. When I cut that buck up I found one of the bullets in the off-side shoulder. I don't know if it was the first, or second, shot that I recovered. The bullet was textbook though and weighed 81.6gr and measured about .500". All other shots exited.


    I've heard of other guys jumping the SciroccoII's, or having issues getting them to shoot at all. The rifle I'm running them in is a lightweight 243 and I was happy with how they shot. I run moly in most of my rifles and this one was no exception. I started load work up, after I coated them, with them in the lands and they shot pretty decent for what this rifle is intended for and they shoot very close to the same POI at 100yds as the 75Vmax load that I use for general shooting.

    This rifle also shoots very well. This was at 500 while just shooting off a pack for a rest.


  6. bedrok

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    May 29, 2010
    You can't go wrong with either one. I've shot well over a thousend of both out of 7s, 3 Rem Mags and one WSM. In my case it was mostly 150gr scirrocos and 160gr Accubonds. My favorite is the A.B. because it's a little flatter past 500 yds. Contrary to other reports, my A.B.s consistantly expand slightly less and retain slightly more than the Scirrocos. I've used both on lots of game from small Mule Deer to very large moose, and a couple of Grizzlys (although for that I pack 175gr A-frames but never seem to get around to swapping them). No surprise though, neither one is kind to a coyote hide inside 5 or 6 hundred yds. The only complaint is that the poly tips of the A.B.s seem softer and will slightly deform in the mag. In all the rifles mentioned, accuracy was identical.
  7. elkaholic

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    Dec 4, 2008
    If you can get the Swifts to shoot, there is not a better hunting bullet made......Rich
  8. Wildhog

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    Aug 2, 2010
    I shoot the 140 gr accubond in my 7WSM. 65 gr RL22 win case and win mag primer.(shoots .50 " 100 yds 3 shot) Killed several large hogs last season and acouple of deer. 90 yds to 250 yd all pass throughs. I just finished loading 150 gr scirrco 2 for 7 REM MAG havent tried on game yet but they are very accurate. Three shot groups .60 " 100 yds. I guess I got lucky found this load on the first 3 sets of 3 i tried. Load is 64 gr rl 22 150gr sircrrco2 rem case, win mag primer. Next I need to buy chron. so Ill know FPS.