whats up with the moly thing


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Oct 30, 2004
i just got a 220swift and the guy at the store keep saying u should try winchester supreme but it has a coating called lubalox which looks like moly will it eat my new gun
Over the past 3 years I've put almost 1400 rounds of it through my Remington 22-250 and I haven't noticed a degredation in accuracy yet. I don't have a bore scope, but the groups are not opening up yet.
I've been moly coating my own bullets for about 6 years.

I lost about 50 fps across the board on all my chronographed loads. This would indicate less bullet to bore friction. I also noticed barrel heat in sustained bench rest shooting to be lower.

I also added more powder in my loads to regain FPS. I also noted the lower barrel heat. So the barrel aquires more heat through friction than just hot gas from the powder burn.

Somebody recently posted a nice write up on moly barrel prep and cleaning.
Moly has been losing its popularity as the years progress.At one time it was claimed that it would cut friction thus giving you higher velocities.If you actualy put moly in your gun powder you get the same velocity as you do when you coat your bullets with it.This points more too it being a propellant retarding agent.If you burn slower powders you get less heat and a longer push on the bullet and thus you are able to load them to higher velocities.
so it should just slow the burn rate down or decrease friction wont cause any extra wear on the barrel or the gun. is it worth buying moly coated rounds
The ammo that I was referring to was the Winchester Balistic Silvertip with their lubalox coating. On a prarrie dog shoot I did notice that after about 200 rounds my accuracy began to drop. A quick pass with a bore snake and I was hitting consistantly again. I suggest cleaning before that point so your hit ratio doesn't start to make you second guess your shooting ability
pro's and cons with moly. ultimate accuracy test is how many of the br shooters are using it?

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