Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?

Maybe I’m pushing my AI a little hard…..but, I’m getting 10+ loads on a case, no heavy bolt lift….however, do have flattened (not cratered) primers and very light extractor marks. Heck, I’ve seen these examples over the years with factory rounds in various firearms.

My present hunting load is a Barnes 250 TTSX @ 3130 mv and darn accurate. I went to 3160 mv when developing the load …..but the groups were starting to open up some. I figured that 3130 mv with a 250 gr. bullet was pretty decent. Maybe I just have a “fast” barrel!

I finally got some 270 grain LRX’s and hope to develop a good load this summer. My goal is an accurate and safe 3000 mv. I’ll be pretty bummed if I don’t get there!

I respectfully suggest that….I don’t think the Ruger can get there! memtb
A 270gr at 3000fps is going to be a tall order. Especially for a monometal bullet at that.
A 270gr at 3000fps is going to be a tall order. Especially for a monometal bullet at that.

I got 2900 pretty easily with the 270 TSX, using a powder that was too slow…..it was all I had at the time. It was a “very” compressed load…..using a10” drop tube, while lightly tapping the case, the powder was about 1/16” below the rim! 🙀 Had to seat the bullet “very” slowly! The good news …..it shot very well! 😉 memtb
Well spent the day putting in the crankshaft, setting up pistons (which I had to redo after I realized that I had one of them upside down), then trying to figure our rod bearing clearances. Course instead of checking what i needed to do... I'm looking a barrels for my TCR 83 and 87 as there is a guy with 22-250, 243, 308 and 30-06 barrels for sale. I already have 17 Khornet, 22 hornet, 223, 22-250, 7mm RM, 338 WM and 9.3x74. So thinking I need the 30-06 and the 243 lol
I have 4 rifles in TCR 83/87 and have been buying barrels as well , I have them in 25-06 , 270win, 308, 7x57 , 30-06, 7mm mag, 45-70 , and a SSK Barrel in 375JDJ , would like to find one in a 257 Robert’s , I love these rifles when you shoulder one they just feel right , very well built rifles !!!!
Here's my 83 and 87... mini collection for them...
17 K-Hornet
22 Hornet
220 Swift
7mm RM
338 WM


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So I was at cabelas one time and I was actually there for a scope (possible) but more importantly their vacuum sealers were on sale and I walked by the gun counter where a friend was working and I casually said.... so you still have that Savage ultralight in 6.5x284??? The gun manager goes "I'll give you 15% off on it!" (Because it has an 18 or 19" barrel its not great performance but it's a nice walking gun). Sold I said.

So I get home and bring the vacuum sealer in and the wife asked So did you buy a scope yep. Its still out in the car. Hands were full carrying the vacuum sealer in. Oh cool. Ok goodnight.... and off she goes to bed. Well a couple of hours later I go out to the garage and start bringing in the rifle (in the box) well lo and behold here's the wife getting up to go to the washroom just as I am walking down the stairs to the basement. That's an AWFULLY big box for a scope.... you looking for deer on the moon are you????

No kidding. The Creed will dance where no other cartridge can even walk. Mine kills stuff you can't even see. Like mites on a chucks whiskers at 1800 yds.
I have a 6" AR500 plate on the moon that I can hit with my creedmore all night long. Problem is it hits the plate so hard it craters it and I am constantly having to replace it.

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