Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?

Find me a commonly available 9mm that is not "significantly larger" than the specs of my Ruger LCP that rides in a pocket holster and goes about everywhere with me.

I get that there are some small 9mms out there. But 25% larger and heavier, 30% larger and heavier, 35% larger and heavier makes a "significant" difference to me when pocket carrying with shorts and a t-shirt and a normal belt.

When I get down to the micro 380 size guns, they are at that size which doesn't require any change to a person's normal attire and it doesn't look really any different than a wallet. You go to the micro 9s, that changes for me.

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Let's be honest, everyone has one. Whether you had a bad experience or you just don't buy into all the hype, whats the cartridge that makes you roll your eyes as soon as you hear its name?
7-08 and 308. As a guide I have seen more animals get away with these two cartridges then any of the others combined.
That's still a considerable size difference if you pocket carry
He spelled out his parameters as "25% larger and heavier, 30% larger and heavier, 35% larger and heavier makes a "significant" difference".

Well this is less than 1/2" (8.2% increase) in length and a .3" in height (7.5% increase) in height and only 1.4oz more in weight. Sorry but that's not much considering the more powerful round. I have seen plenty of folks pocket carry that pistol with shorts, tshirt and a normal belt with zero issues (as spelled out in the stipulations). The DB9 is just slightly larger than the LCP and fits the parameters laid out by Dentite. I have pocket carried an LC9s plenty of times without changing wardrobes. I have even carried it with gym shorts a tshirt. It is significantly larger and I wouldn't recommend it but the DB9 is perfect for this role. If its not right for you then fine, but it fits the parameters.

Edit: I forgot to add its also thinner than the LCP.
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I should stay out of these conversations…..as there is a vast difference between shooting and hunting.

If I we’re punching paper or ringing steel a lot…..it would be with a lighter recoil rifle. Until then, it will just be occasional bench work (zero verification), some informal “Outback Shooting“ at the occasional coyote, and a little shooting at distance with my hunting rifle!

Simply can’t afford nor have the time to get involved in “shooting “! memtb
It will kill most anything 7 mm mag will do. No bear!!! but a big cow elk at 320yds...DRT
I'm surprised no one mentioned the old tried and true 7.5mm French Mauser. Hahaha, I got a surplus sporterized one in 1967 because it cost $16 and looked pretty cool. Not one bullet EVER went in the same direction!🤣

There’s a reason that the French lost every war they were ever in…..and, have a flag on most nations stored in a closet for use? They can run into the street and wave the flag of the conquering country! 😂 memtb
Any Weatherby cartridge. They’re all unneeded "magnum" cartridges.

Gotta hand it to companies though, brainwashing folks to think they need a howitzer and 3500fps is impressive. It birthed wives tales and Fudd Lore that some follow as if a religion.

Yep…..3500 not necessary! I like Elmer Keith’s answer to a question pertaining to the ideal caliber/cartridge ……”something that will launch a camp stove at 3000 fps”! I’m pretty happy following that philosophy!

Though, I could never get into the gloss, pomp, flash, and splendor of the Weatherby’s as a hunting rifle…..they wouldn’t perform any better or marginally so, than several other cartridges available either as a factory round or a wildcat! But, many are drawn to the allure of name recognition and the “shine”! memtb