Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?



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I agree. It's just a fun gun to shoot especially for nubies. Took my 5'4" daughter to a private range and only took a very few shots with my needmore and she was hitting 800 meter steel with every shot. She had only shot a rifle 3 times prior and never over 100 yds. She's hooked and the gun will be hers when I'm gone. So yes it is a good cartridge for all the reasons Calvin mentioned.
Has to be my 6MM-06 AI- going back to the 1960's started out with LC Match 06 brass . A lot of work.
Ooooo…I used to want one of those…nowhere close to having funds for a custom build YET, but when the time comes Kirby Allen has convinced me a plain vanilla 6mm-06, no ai, would be a better investment
dont hate but I boycott anything PRC. (I would also say Creedmoor but I do own one of them, only because I got the rifle so cheap I couldn’t say no)
Things I do hate… Savage rifles and Ruger American/Predator/RPR rifles.
Not my beloved Savages!!!!! 🤣

Even the old school 99?

To each his own but I’m a huge fan of
Them. They’re ugly, lack finesse, are the opposite of fancy…and dang it they shoot lights out and I’m not afraid to actually take them out in the bush and use them hard cuz, well, I can’t really make them any uglier with scratches and dings haha.
Yet another entertaining thread... Really enjoyed reading thru all the comments and seeing the light-hearted fun and comradery that makes this such a great group.
My father and uncle grew up hunting rabbit and squirrels together during the 1930s and never really hunted anything larger to my knowledge. After my uncle returned from serving in the Army during WW2 he wanted nothing more to do with guns and the two never hunted together again. By the time I was born Dad seldom picked up a rifle or shotgun other than to shoot a groundhog or scare off crows in the cornfields which he passed on to me... so most of my life I only shot .22s and shotguns. 15 years ago I moved further out and got a nice place in some woodland. It wasn't long before I was sitting out in the woods with my neighbor or one of his boys hunting deer with a borrowed .270. Great brush gun/cartridge but it has a good kick to it. Anyway, decided a few years back to buy my rifle and after much deliberation decided to give the 6.5 CM a try... probably influenced by the hype and marketing 🙄... and so far I have no complaints. It kills deer easy enough and fortunately I do not need to go to a range to practice so outside of internet hype I am not exposed to the mega-CM fan club. IMO, the caliber matters less than the skill of the shooter when it comes to making kill shots. Still, good to know there are many closet CM owners out there. That said, I confess I just bought a 30.06 because I hope to hunt some elk and well, based on some of the members of this group, I might just needmoor. 😝
(Also chose 30.06 over the other 30cals as a sentimental way to connect with my uncle)

Just glad no one called out the .44-40 Win 🤠

now, someone explain what's so great about the 223?