Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?

The 6PPC shoulder is moved forward for a little more volume and a slightly shorter neck. I have full length resized the 6ARC to 6PPC to prove the point. But I have not needed to make rounds that way. Biggest difference in MHO is that the 6ARC specs a twist of 7.5 for those long 100+ grain bullets they are loading commercially. I am not likely to re-barrel my 6PPC, but the 6 ARC does fill an interesting niche. It was designed to extend the effective range of the AR15 in combat with out any dimensional revisions to the platform. Swap some components and you are good to go. I plan to build an 6ARC upper for myself one of these days.
My 6 ARC is my Dedicated coyote rifle and I love it!
That was early on in my shooting life,I didn’t hand load at the time one was an SKS so the results speak for themselves. The other was a Ruger mini 30 and I was kind of disappointed with that one so I’ve had enough.

The SKS is surprising. You're not going to win any accuracy related competitions with one, but they're generally an order of magnitude better than an AK. Or a Mini-30.

I get that you're BT, DTR, but wish that we were closer so we could meet at a range and you could try the Howa out. I was pleasantly surprised and I think most would be too.
This is hilarious to me since literally 90% of threads in here get bombarded by creedmoor haters doing exactly this, not the shooters.

Different strokes! I’ve sold half my safe to up my round count on my hunting rifles. I found it more foolish to have guns I don’t need and not have the most practice possible on the ones whose use matters

Time and again people talk about creedmoor shooters being women or hipsters or soy boys you name it. Talk of their hair styles or the clothes the wear etc. people want to dish it out and make fun of creed shooters but don’t want the heat on the way back I guess.

I deleted that fwiw because I didn't like that I used the companies name and implied they said any of that. Seems dumb but didn't feel right to me so it's gone, have to follow my gut.

(The jist for readers was a fake add asking your doctor about ED pills for low testosterone so you done need to attaché your manhood to your cartridge case anymore)

It's called "projection"....they are simply projecting their feelings onto another group.
I actually have an SKS that is reasonably accurate. It's a Norinco and when I was told years ago that I wasn't going to be allowed to buy 1 after a certain law went into effect I went out the next day and bought it. I can hold minute of small cheap paper plate at 100 yards with the iron sights. I did have to buy the front sight adjustment tool to get it right. I don't know how many "meters" it was set for but I think it was rather optimistic. I don't think it's accurate enough to deer hunt with unless you are close enough to club them with it.
7.62 x 39. I’ve never had one that could hit the broadside of a barn in two different rifles.
I have a New England Firearms single shot that is quite impressive. I bought cheap at a auction. Loaner rifle if need be. I'm guessing the barrel being so short & hefty. May be the reason it's a good shooter for the cartridge.
I'm ordering a new action for a 20-223AI and I think I'm pulling my Altus 6.5 CM barrel action out of the stock for now to put that in.

I used my load from a previous rifle, got a 10-shot single-single ES/SD that grouped about .75" at 100 yards. Ran it out to 1500 yards on steel with the dial.

Stupid stupid thing just took zero effort, I'm bored with how easy it was.

What's the point of shooting something that shoots great with minimal effort and can kill everything I point it at? Between the great bullet selection, excellent brass availability, tons of factory ammo on the shelf if you're into that. I get why every curmudgeon can't stand it ;)
Well gents... I think I found a new cartridge to hate. The 26 Nosler.

$90 Canadian for 20 empty brass. No ammunition to be found within the province. Although 1 box in a city 3 hour drive away but its match ammo and not hunting ammo.

Can at least make brass using 300 RUM brass.

HORRIBLE overbore!!! I mean do we need a 140 grain bullet doing 3300 fps????

The only good thing is that it makes a 6.5 Creedmoor look like a 22 rifle. The 26 Nosler at 400 yards HAS THE SAME VELOCITY as the Creedmoor.

So...I went and bought one!!!!

Nosler M48. Just won it in an auction yesterday.

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