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Oct 6, 2007
I am wanting to build my first rifle,I will be hunting mostly deer size game,the furthest shot will be 1000 yds.I was thing of either a 7rum,7mmstw are a 300rum.Out of these three wich would be best.Are is there something better.Thanks
Sly, welcome aboard. where do you hang your hat?

you'll need to give a little more info, what game or intended targets are you wanting to shoot at these ranges?
I don't think you'll be dissapointed with any of the calibers you mentioned. You'll find everyone is partial to their own calibers... They'll all perform well on most game at most the distances you'll be looking at shooting. My vote is for the 300 rum :)
I live near tallahassee fl mainly hunt whitetails.I hunt on some powerlines can stretch out about a thousand yards.I realy like the 7mm stw but I cant seem to find anything but remington brass and I have been told that remingtion is not the best for this round any help with any info on this round would be appreciated Thanks
Are you familiar with reloading?

7stw isn't all that when yo ucan simplify things and ease the wear on your barrel.

300wsm or the 7 wsm will easily do the job on the smaller whitetails you have.

300wsm and the 175 smk/210smk and the 7wsm and 175 smk.
Although the Bergers will be impressive as well.

K.I.S.S. method works...
my vote is for the 7MM STW. Remington is the easiest brass to get at the moment and it has worked for me so far. Winchester is probably better but is hard to impossible to get. I am still looking for the right load for my gun but will have that narrowed down soon. I have a friend with the 300 RUM and either will do the job for you. It is all about being confident in the gun. I got the 7MM STW because it was different.
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